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» » Canada By Train: The Complete Via Rail Travel Guide
Canada By Train: The Complete Via Rail Travel Guide e-book


John Shaske,Chris Hanus







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Way Of The Rail Publishing (May 19, 2009)





Canada By Train: The Complete Via Rail Travel Guide e-book

by John Shaske,Chris Hanus

Majestic in its vastness, Canada is a fascinating travel destination. VIA Rail, Canada’s national passenger train service, makes visiting this breathtaking country a truly memorable journey. Canada by Train is the complete guidebook to train travel with VIA Rail. Full of useful facts and vivid photographs, this guide provides current, comprehensive details on train services and safety measures. The guide features over 500 full-color illustrations and photographs; updated information on schedules, fares and pass options; mile-by-mile route guides; practical suggestions on traveling light, settling in sleepers and coaches; and much more. Whether touring the Atlantic region, visiting the Rockies, or traveling across country, Canada by Train makes the landscape come alive.
Overall, this is a very helpful guide to Canadian trains, and particularly the "Canadian" trains #1 and #2. I really enjoyed the background information, especially the brief Canadian history and the history of the building of the railroad. The book provided a valuable context without having to slog through a much longer detailed history of the route.

I found the "Sites of Interest" along the route very helpful, especially since the author did a very good job of tying the locations to the rail mileposts. I wish that he had provided a bit more info on major cities, and more brief info on some of the tiny settlements we passed through. He seemed to try and give all entries equal size, despite their relative importance. There was also a bit too much fluff in some places, such as a roughly 10 page section on train "yoga" (stretching) exercises that appeared to be lifted wholesale from another source.

I found the individual section maps to be very well done. A full country map would have been helpful, but it would have been difficult to convey useful information in a small format. I had no problem with ordering the author's very well designed companion maps.

There are many Canadian guidebooks available, and there are several other generic "Canada by Train" books, but this book was written by an author with a real passion for the subject. I strongly recommend it.
I recently did a trip where I took the train from Quebec to Toronto, and then The Canadian from Toronto to Vancouver. I made sure that I read this guide prior to the trip as well as referencing it en route. The information at the front of the book which tells one how to judge the train's speed and how to figure out the train's location is helpful for those who have not taken a trip previously. I liked the illustrations and explanations about train cars and how they got their names. The author has included a brief note about wildlife. I think that if he ever does an update of this book, he would be wise to include a brief bit about the trees seen also. I heard a huge amount of people asking staff what various trees were as we made our way across the country and Via didn't have any books in the cars on the topic. The maps in the book are also informative and handy. There are a few things that need to be updated and changed. The timetables for The Canadian do not correspond to actual departure times. Also, unfortunately, The Malahat has been taken out of service. The photos that are included are good quality, colour reproductions and the print is dark enough to be read in the light of the dome car. This is a handy item to prepare a person for a wonderful vacation.
For those who love rail travel, this is everything about Via Rail, the premier passenger rail experience in North America. As an avid Amtrak fan, I could only wish a book like this were available for Amtrak. It covers just about everything about rail travel, food, stopovers, types of train cars, maps, signposts! It is several years old so the pricing is better obtained from Via Rail's web site but this covers everything else.
Just got back from Canada. The book is a great introduction to Canada and Via Rail. Part of our trip was on The Canadian. The book was very helpful. It was really useful to have points of interest listed by mile markers on the track. As a note, there is also a high-end luxury train, the Rocky Mountaineer, going through parts of western Canada. It is not part of Via Rail, therefore not covered in the book.
A mixed bag. It has detailed technical information about the rolling stock and train routes but suffers from poor English expression - in many parts it appears to have been inexpertly translated from another language. A notable omission is a map of Canada as a whole with the rail routes included.
The book covers everything, bouth trains and route.
Pictures and general information is OK.
I don't think it got a final proof; information for one area was written verbatim for another area. Grammar very poor. I could do a better job.
The problems with delays for passengers is not explained well enough. On our 'May journey' we were delayed between two stops by 13 hours.
Number Symbols on maps are hard to read.

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