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Terence Blacker





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Macmillan Children's Books; Unabridged edition edition (March 5, 2004)





boy2girl e-book

by Terence Blacker

Philip Ardagh is amused by a fake girl's antics in Boy 2 Girl by Terence Blacker. Humour is a broad church, especially in children's books, which cater for readers of all ages and varying degrees of sophistication.

Philip Ardagh is amused by a fake girl's antics in Boy 2 Girl by Terence Blacker. When it comes to reading, what one child finds funny, another may think of as a complete waste of trees.

Gregory Keays is a writer whose brilliant future is behind him. Corroded with envy, Gregory watches as his contemporaries produce better work and live happier lives while he teaches community college composition classes and compiles books about other books. One day, Gregory is convinced, the world will recognize his talents. Efren is a young rat, unnoticed and timid among the kingdom of rats living in the London sewers.

Read Boy2Girl, by Terence Blacker online on Bookmate – Matthew’s American cousin comes to live with them: Sam’s small, blond and wild - with a giant attitude problem. He immediately starts to wreak. Matthew’s American cousin comes to live with them: Sam’s small, blond and wild - with a giant attitude problem. He immediately starts to wreak havoc on Matthew’s social life - getting into fights with his friends and causing a scene whenever they go out. School is about to start and Matthew and his friends don’t want these problems to continue, so they come up with a plan for Sam to prove his loyalty to their gang and to trick the mean girls at school.

Boy 2 Girl by Terrence Blacker. Want to like this page?

Boy 2 Girl by Terrence Blacker.

Terence Blacker FRSL (born 5 February 1948, near Hadleigh, Suffolk) is an English author, columnist, journalist, and publisher. Blacker is the son of General Sir Cecil Hugh Blacker, and the brother of sculptor and former jockey Philip Blacker. He grew up on the family farm in Suffolk. He attended Hawtreys preparatory school and Wellington College before reading English at Trinity College, Cambridge, whence he graduated in 1969.

It's the summer before eighth grade, and Matthew Burton is looking forward to a couple months of playing video games, lounging around, and spending time with his "gang," The Sheds. That is, until his mother receives word of the sudden death in America of her wacky younger sister Galaxy

But Blacker's book is pretty good: its humour ranges from broad (worries about visiting the loo) to the more . For Boy 2 Girl is written to entertain rather than inform, and while there are some nods in the direction of a more serious work, these never last long enough to risk spoiling the fun.

But Blacker's book is pretty good: its humour ranges from broad (worries about visiting the loo) to the more subtle, when it makes points about the gender wars still common around the age of 13, before serious attraction settles in. We’ll tell you what’s true. You can form your own view. Authors Cross-dressing Dating Family And Parenting Literature Restaurants Schools Teenagers.

New Young Adult Books Coming Out Today! . March 3rd - Mask: Boy 2 Girl

New Young Adult Books Coming Out Today! (May 22, 2018). March 3rd - Mask: Boy 2 Girl. Disguised as a girl, American boy Sam attends his new school in the UK alongside his cousin Matt. Wise words by Terence Blacker (from his ENDPAPERS column in the Society of Authors Magazine, THE AUTHOR), for anyone who is, who loves, or wants to be an author.

Matthew Burton's life has been fine until his American cousin crash-lands into it. Sam was only ever a distant rumour, a hippy kid who travels around the States with his wacky mother. Now he's an orphan, dumped suddenly on the Burton's doorstep. According to Sam, everything in England sucks, and pretty soon he's making trouble for Matthew and his friends. They want revenge - and Operation Samantha is born. For Sam - small, long-haired and blond - is the perfect secret weapon in the war at school between the boys and a gang of snooty girls. And when Sam sets about re-writing the rules for how boys and girls behave, he discovers an entirely new side to his personality. Soon it's not only Sam that is changing...... Boy2girl is one of the funniest comic novels you will ever read. A classic cross-dressing comedy like Some Like It Hot, set in a contemporary school. It is certain to elevate Terence Blacker into the top league of popular children's writers.
This book is one of the few books about gender a teenager will pick up and like. Granted I had read it as an adult with a lens that is much more, refined then the target reader of Boy2Girl. That is not to say that if this book is read by more teenagers then the little box known as gender will change.

Also it is a fresh take on a gender-bender story that does not use many of the tropes a such a story relies on. I am happy it even exists.
This is one of my favorite books of all time. But when it came in there were a few more folds in the book than I would have liked to be in there. But overall pretty good.
At first glance, the premise of this novel reads like a silly, adolescent comedy film (think Sorority Boys, e.g.). But as you read into it deeper and more resonant themes surface.

In order to get into a gang of youths he’s offended, Sam Lopez has to play at being a girl for five days at the school he’s enlisted. The reasons are a tad convoluted.

Sam attacked one of the English boys who inadvertently insulted his father and, before they let him back into their crowd, he’s got to be a girl as penance. Also, the boys are engaged in an ongoing squabble with a group of girls called The Bitches, a petty war that’s mostly a battle of insults that both sides have been caught up in since they were all kids. So Sam’s got to play at being a girl, infiltrate the Bitches and learn their secrets so the boys can retaliate.

Sam is the ultimate outsider, an American who’s been transported to England. He doesn’t understand why the Brits don’t let the attack go; fighting is simply one of the ways American guys bond with each other. The politeness of the British is something he can’t handle and he retaliates in mean-spirited fashion—from the sloppy way he eats to his sullen, verbally abusive attitude to his repudiation of British living (according to him, everything English sucks)—and it’s wearing on the nerves of his English cousin, Matthew.

The events of the novel touch on a wide variety of issues: sexism, nationalism, crime, gender reversal and culture clashes. Sam’s gender switch is actually the least jarring aspect of his presence in English society since only he and Matthew’s friends are aware of it in the beginning. It’s funny and startling to see the way he acts upon the English girls he meets. From influencing their fashions to the way they act around boys—Sam brings a jaw-dropping jolt of fresh air to his new English gal pals. The whole society is set topsy-turvy by Sam’s pretense, which is wholly convincing and discomfits the boys who initially proposed it as revenge.

The novel is told via the various viewpoints of everyone around Sam and the author is masterful at letting us into everyone’s heads. The voices are spot-on—they really do seem like different people with differing thoughts and agendas. We get to see how the various girls are moved, charmed or irritated by Sam’s behavior. Sam himself grows more and more “feminine”, becoming quieter, introspective and girly in his mannerisms, much to the puzzlement of the boys.

Sam’s growing attachment to both his male and female friends forces the reader to question just what is male and female behavior and whether both genders don’t have something positive to learn from the other. The girls grow more forthright in their opinions, belching and breaking wind without apology, speaking up more boldly in class. The boys discover that there’s nothing wrong in sharing feelings and that it can be a wonderful relief to let your mates know just what is going on inside your head.

The only glaring omission in this novel is the subject of Sam’s sexual identity. Sam’s sexual preference isn’t touched upon, perhaps because he’s a teenager still. The girls don’t ask him if he’s a lesbian and the boys don’t ask if he’s queer, even when he wears his skirt outside of class. (Then again, it could be typical British reticence that keeps everyone from asking “is s/he or isn’t s/he?”) Perhaps this is something the reader is meant to guess about, too. The whole novel raises questions but in gentle ways rather than as scathing social commentary.

The action snowballs riotously as, through a series of misadventures and mistaken identities, Sam becomes a “girlfriend” for three different boys, takes the helm as the leader of an all-girl band and has to dodge the return of his volatile ex-convict father, Anthony “Crash” Lopez, who’s sniffing around for Sam’s inheritance. Ye gads. This is one waggish novel, insightful, amusing and a genuine delight. It’s far more than the sum of its parts and head and shoulders above many an adolescent comedy movie. Then again, maybe it should be made into a teen comedy. Heck, I’d pay to see it!

Whether you’re American, British, male, female, straight, gay or bi, trans or “whatever”, as Sam would put it, “Boy 2 Girl” is the kind of novel that will appeal right across the board. Cheers, mate.
Imagine a new school in a new country, and to be accepted you have to be the opposite gender for a week. In Boy2Girl, a fictional novel by Terence Blacker, Sam Lopez, 13, comes to England from America after his mother's death to live with his aunt, uncle, and cousin. To be accpeted by his cousin, Mathew, and his gang he must follow through with a dare to go to school as a Miss Samantha Lopez. At first it's just a joke, but soon it gets out of hand. He starts acting like a girl, hanging out with girls, even wearing a padded bra!

This story showed me how sexist some people are, and that it's cool to do things differently. Everyone's perspective is in this book, and it's easy to see what everyone's thinking. I like this book because it made me think about how much more girls can get away with. Sam was let off of going to jail because she was "influenced by the bigger males" when she helped with a riot at a game. I didn't like how into it Sam was, like when he wore a bra. This is a good book for people who like practical jokes and adventure, because the whole boy-to-girl thing was just that, and a lot of things happened because of it. For example, when Sam's dad came looking for him and he didn't want to go, he used the disguise. I wouldn't recommend this for uptight, no-nonsense people because it really examines the fine line of the sexes, and how easily it can be crossed. Plus, the idea of "being" the other sex is very contoversial. Boy2Girl pushes the boundaries of society today.
Matt is your typical thirteen year-old British boy, whose life is shaken up by the arrival of his American cousin, Sam. Sam's mother has recently died and with his father presumed to be in jail Sam is understandably angry at his life. This anger causes Matt's group of friends, who call themselves the Sheds, to reject Sam. In order to regain their acceptance Sam agrees to a dare of having him dress as a girl for the first week of school so that Sam can spy on a group of girls who are the Shed's enemies. Sam proves to be remarkably successful in his role as a girl. Primarily using humor, Blacker successfully examines gender roles through such situations as Sam receiving a training bra, or teaching the girls how to intimidate a boy by looking at him. Blacker chooses to use multiple narrators, some who only narrate for a paragraph, to further show how the same event can be interpreted in different ways. This style could easily have been a gimmick, but instead works remarkably well in furthering the story and the humor. The book's madcap conclusion, involving Sam's dad who has returned in order to get Sam, and the previously unknown riches left to him, will leave readers smiling, but also thinking more about how boys and girls really act, and how those actions are perceived.

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