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» » A Murder for Her Majesty
A Murder for Her Majesty e-book


Beth Hilgartner






Mysteries & Thrillers

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Young Readers Paperback; Reissue edition (January 20, 1992)





A Murder for Her Majesty e-book

by Beth Hilgartner

A Murder for Her Majesty doesn't waste time getting started.

A Murder for Her Majesty doesn't waste time getting started. It's through flashback and background information that we find out how she got there. Alice had witnessed her father being murdered by two men, who claimed to be working for the Queen of England.

A Murder for Her Majesty book.

When I started reading this book I found it hard to put down. I found it so exciting with lots of things happening. At the beginning of the story Alice Tuckfield after seeing her father's death runs into a few choirboys who give her food and a place to stay for the night.

A murder for Her Majesty. by. Hilgartner, Beth. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Beth Hilgartner was born in Baltimore and is now a deacon of the Episcopal Church in Barre, Vermont. A MURDER FOR HER MAJESTY was inspired by her experiences singing in a church choir and her interest in the early Elizabethan period. Her husband, Ernest Drown, is a church organist who in no way resembles the grouchy Master Kenton. From School Library Journal

Format Paperback 241 pages. Dimensions 130 x 194 x 17mm 22. g.

princesspup2006 asked in Arts & Humanities. Books & Authors · 1 decade ago. Can you name all the characters from the book "A Murder For Her Majesty" by Beth Hilgartner? ? please tell.

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When Alice Tucker's father is murdered, she must take on a new identity and find out the one responsible. A Murder for Her Majesty.

Horrified at having witnessed her father's murder and fearing that the killers are agents of Queen Elizabeth I, eleven-year-old Alice Tuckfield hides in the Yorkshire cathedral by disguising herself as one of the choirboys.
A Murder for Her Majesty doesn't waste time getting started. Right in the first chapter, Alice is running away from home, and gets brought in by a group of choirboys, who decide to hide her in their house and even come up with a plan to disguise her as one of them. It's through flashback and background information that we find out how she got there.

Alice had witnessed her father being murdered by two men, who claimed to be working for the Queen of England. Scared for her life, she heads off to London and arrives at a cathedral, only to learn to her horror that the criminals have arrived there as well; in fact, they work there.

Now she's in even more danger, as she's a member of the very choir of that cathedral, with murderers at high positions of power. Luckily for her, not all of them know what she looks like, even when they see her looking them right in the face. But complications arise, bringing with them many close calls, before things really do get bad for Alice.

The story moved faster than I was expecting for a 240-page book. Something that advances the plot and especially the suspense occurs in just about every chapter. In fact, I went from reading about 25 or 50 pages a day, to finishing off the last 140 pages in my last day of reading the book. The suspense and pacing had just ramped up to the point where I just had to keep going. Definitely the sign of a good read!

The characters come alive pretty well, too. Each of the choirboys Alice stays with has their own personality. Most are mischievous, though one really doesn't like the whole situation and tries to out Alice several times (before the boys discover the kind of danger she's really in). Alice herself at first felt like a tabula rasa, but over time, she showed more personality and especially defiance and anger, which tended to get her into trouble. Character flaws work well to heighten the suspense, making the characters not only entertaining individuals, but important plot-drivers as well.

In all, it was a fun book. I've read comments that the time period is a bit anachronistic, but not being well-versed in 16th century (or any century) England, I wouldn't know what was out of place. If you're able to overlook - or not notice - that, what you've got here is a fun, fast-moving suspense story.
I read this book when I was younger and loved it. Purchasing it again wasn't a regret. It was wonderful to read again. The plot surrounds a little young girl nicknamed Pup whose personality pulls you into her plight. You can't help but feel anxious for her when moments get tight and even after the book is over, you still remember this great story!
I read this almost 10 years ago and I liked it very much. So much so I read it in one sitting.
would definitely recommend this book as an aide to studying history during the protestant reformation. my girls 10 to 14 enjoyed.
poor development flat
Great book to, lots of themes, no vulgarity to cause worry.
A favourite book of mine in elementary school...and still an enjoyable read now!
A Murder for Her Majesty begins in London with the suspicious murder of Sir Henry Tuckfield, a musician for Queen Elizabeth I. His daughter, 11-year-old Alice witnesses the murder, and after hearing the words, "the queen will be pleased," assumes the murder was commanded by the queen herself. After the murder, Alice bravely sets out to find someone named Lady Jenny whom her father had told her to go to if something went wrong; he told Alice that she lived in York, England at Chellisford Hall. When Alice sets out to find Chellisford Hall, she gets lost in York and meets a group of rowdy choir boys. The rest of this book is about Alice hiding from her father's murderers, disguising herself as a choir boy, and finding out why her father was killed.

When Alice meets the choirboys she is tired and cold, so she allows them to take her back to their home. She has to stay in the second-floor bedroom because that is the only place where the mean Dame Agnes won't find her. The next morning, Alice goes to a choir practice with the boys and explores around the cathedral while the boys do their lessons. Suddenly she hears one of her father's murderers and another man talking about getting rid of her. This worries Alice greatly, but she does not tell anyone what she has heard. The choirboys think t it will be a lot of fun to see how long Alice can stay in the choir without old Master Frost noticing. She sings so well that eventually he notices and starts working with her personally; he thinks she has outstanding talent. It is then that she joins the choir formally and no longer has to hide in the upper bedroom; instead she is allowed to sleep in the normal room and attend the choir school with the boys. She also meets music instructor, "Sour Face" Kenton and begins to take organ and virginal lessons with him. Later that winter, she sings at the Christmas Eve service. As she is heading home, Geoffrey, to whom she has confided about her father’s murder and the threat to her life, tells her that she needs to go home which one of the other choir boys to ensure that she would make it back safely. But Alice ends up walking home by herself. As she enters an alley, strong hands suddenly grab her from behind and cup a hand over her mouth to muffle her anguished scream.

What I like most about this book, is the way the author develops bonds between the different characters. My favorite part is the exciting climax but I don't want to give that away. My second favorite part is when Alice and Geoffrey find a cat. They name the cat "Catechism" and keep him in the cathedral. During the Christmas service Catechism runs across the stage and hides behind the pulpit he causes a lot of trouble. Another part I like is when Alice becomes friends with Master Kenton and takes music lessons with him. At first he seems really grouchy and mean but as Alice gets to know him, you see the kinder and softer part of him and eventually they sing together at the Christmas Eve service.

Murder for Her Majesty is a thrilling mystery story. It is one of my favorites and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's thinking about reading it. I give it a five star rating, because of the surprising twists and turns and the individual bonds the author creates between Alice and nearly everyone she meets. One of my favorite passages is when Dame Agnes finds out that she is a girl and says: "Pup is a girl?, you can't be serious… Do you mean to tell me there's been a girl in this house for 2 months! Geoffrey Fisher, how could you? I knew you were a wretched little scamp but I had no idea you were so lost to propriety as this!"

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