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Sisterland e-book


Linda Newbery






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Laurel Leaf (July 11, 2006)



Sisterland e-book

by Linda Newbery

Lyric excerpt from ‘Sisters’ reprinted with kind permission.

Lyric excerpt from ‘Sisters’ reprinted with kind permission.

Following the success of The Shell House, Linda Newbery again demonstrates her brilliance at weaving thought-provoking subjects into a wholly satisfying and sensitively drawn novel. Hilly's German grandmother, HeidiGran, comes to live with her family after she gets Alzheimer's disease; but as her mind becomes more muddled, secrets from her memories of life during the Second World War start to emerge.

Linda Iris Newbery (born 12 August 1952, in Romford, Essex) is a British writer known best for young-adult fiction-where she entered the market, although she has broadened her range to encompass all ages. She published her first novel Run with the Hare in 1988, while still working as an English teacher in a comprehensive school. She became a full-time writer in 2000.

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Linda Newbery has been twice shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal, and is the winner of a Silver Medal Nestle Children's Book Prize and the Costa Children's Book Award. Dramatic stories with a real sense of atmosphere. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

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When Hilly’s grandmother becomes ill with Alzheimer’s disease, her family is turned upside down by revelations from her. Books related to Sisterland.

Sisterland by Linda Newbery (Paperback, 2004). She has been shortlisted for many prestigious literary prizes and has won the Costa children's book award. Linda lives in an Oxfordshire village and enjoys yoga, gardening, walking and the cinema. Country of Publication.

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Newbery smoothly weaves together past and present in two distinct, gripping storylines that eventually merge. Relationships between two sets of sisters are rocky; old secrets surface throughout the family, touched by anger and confusion. Seventeen-year-old Hilly's grandmother, Heidigran, has Alzheimer's and moves in with Hilly's family. Sometimes the narration is from Heidigran's perspective as her consciousness slides between present and past. Hilly's budding romance with an Arab Palestinian named Rashid and her friend Reuben's romance with Rashid's brother Saeed bring new confrontations with racism, homophobia, and violence.

Written by Linda Newbery. Random House Children's Books Home.

When Hilly’s grandmother becomes ill with Alzheimer’s disease, her family is turned upside down by revelations from her life during World War II.Hilly’s German grandmother, HeidiGran, comes to live with her family after she gets Alzheimer’s disease. As her mind becomes more muddled, secrets buried in her past start to emerge. Why does HeidiGran keep talking about a girl named Rachel? And why does she make racist remarks about Hilly’s friend, Ruben? As Hilly struggles to cope with revelations about her family’s past, she encounters racism and prejudice for herself when a friend becomes the victim of a mindless attack. This evocative and deftly told novel explores prejudice and its effects on multiple generations in one family.From the Hardcover edition.
As SISTERLAND opens, Hilly poses a question: Is it better to know the truth, no matter how unpleasant, behind surface niceness or not? Her question is prompted partly by her recent visit to a concentration camp in France --- an experience that troubles her more than she ever expected. During the trip, Hilly's sister Zoe points out that their grandmother was German and that she makes frequent racist comments. Zoe even goes so far as to offhandedly call HeidiGran a Nazi, a charge her family instantly and thoroughly denies.
Hilly and Zoe argue constantly as they prepare for their grandmother to move in with their family. HeidiGran, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, experiences confused periods interposed with more lucid ones. She can no longer distinguish which of her memories are secrets that she's guarded from everyone her entire life. The truth is at odds with what her family has always believed. One by one, she begins to share enticing bits of these dangerous revelations with her shocked granddaughters. However, when questioned further, HeidiGran retreats into confusion.
Hilly feels compelled to uncover the truth about her grandmother's past before HeidiGran's memory is entirely erased by her disease. In the meantime, she worries about and is angered by Zoe's new friends, one of whom wears a swastika. Did Zoe's friends attack Hilly's Palestinian friend, injured in a racist attack? Hilly's concerns about racism are even closer to her heart as she begins to fall in love for the first time with her friend's brother.
Along the way, SISTERLAND tells the story of HeidiGran's childhood through flashbacks interwoven into Hilly's story. While the reader is soon clued in on HeidiGran's heartbreaking secret, there's a whopper of a surprise yet in store before the tale is done.
This is a long book, but the pace never lags. I found myself completely absorbed by Hilly's search for, and her family's transformation by, HeidiGran's truth. I highly recommend SISTERLAND for anyone who enjoys an amazingly good read crammed full of family relationships, romance, history, mystery and sympathetic characters.
--- Reviewed by Terry Miller Shannon (...)
I thought I would like this book. I was obviously wrong, because I was so bored I couldn't even read any more after I got past like, page 50. And that's saying something, because every time I pick up a book I just HAVE to finish it. But this was the one time I honestly couldn't read it.

The reason I gave it two stars was because it might be a good book, but I just couldn't take the time to finish it.
i enjoyed this book it taught me about the holocaust through a young girl's perspective and it had a lot in common with another book I have read about the holocaust.

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