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Incantation e-book


Alice Hoffman






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Little, Brown and Company; First Edition edition (October 4, 2006)





Incantation e-book

by Alice Hoffman

Incantation, Alice Hoffman, 166 pages. The first book of hers I ever read was Practical Magic, and I didn't like it - I didn't like magic then, or witches. I was a very down-to-earth reader.

Incantation, Alice Hoffman, 166 pages. I love Alice Hoffman.

No Jewish books, no medical books, no magic books. I saw the way the soldiers treated this man. As if he were a bird caught in a snare made of his own bones. Now my mother saw me with Catalina in the Plaza. She looked shocked to see us in the middle of the rioting, in a place we shouldn’t be. My mother had a basket of wool with her; she had been to the dye vats near the river, and her arms were tinted from her work. My mother was known for the yarn she sold.

When the heat of the day was over, I went to Catalina’s house at the time of our lesson and knocked on the door

When the heat of the day was over, I went to Catalina’s house at the time of our lesson and knocked on the door. I knew Andres was there and that he’d be waiting for a good excuse to join us-he’d bring us some fruit perhaps, or cold water; all the while he’d be trying to send me a message in the way he looked at me, and I would try not to let anyone see when I sent him a message back. Usually I would be happy about such plans, but when Catalina opened the door I told her I had to miss our needlepoint lesson.

Incantation not only reinforces my admiration of Alice Hoffman's talent, but also fuels my interest in this sad and tragic subject.

Stones were thrown; windows were smashed; the gates of the juderia were painted red, the color of the devil’s work.

Stones were thrown; windows were smashed; the gates of the juderia were painted red, the color of the devil’s work the Jews stealing from them, although what had been stolen was never disclosed. Because some Jews were moneylenders, they were blamed for the town’s recent bad fortune. In truth, everyone knew Jews were only permitted to lend money because the church wouldn’t allow one Christian to lend another money. How much money could there be in such dealings? The Jews weren’t rich.

Incantation by Alice Hoffman; (5 ); This book mesmerized me and I read it in one sitting. Anything by Alice Hoffman is going to be good. Incantation is no exception. It tells a brief story of a family of Jews during the Spanish Inquisition. It is a story of love, hate, betrayal, and loss. It takes us to the 15th or 16th century, to the Spanish Inquisition. It is a story about a village in Spain.

Alice Hoffman is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 15 acclaimed novels beloved by teens and adults, from THE FORETELLING, GREEN ANGEL, and . INCANTATION is Hoffman's fifth young adult novel.

Alice Hoffman is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 15 acclaimed novels beloved by teens and adults, from THE FORETELLING, GREEN ANGEL, and AQUAMARINE to THE ICE QUEEN, HERE ON EARTH (an Oprah's Book Club selection), and PRACTICAL MAGIC, which was made into a major motion picture starring Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock. Gr 9 Up-Alice Hoffman's historical novel (Little, Brown, 2006) is brought to life compellingly in Jenna Lamia's subtly accented reading.

Estrella is a Marrano: During the time of the Spanish Inquisition, she is one of a community of Spanish Jews living double lives as Catholics. And she is living in a house of secrets, raised by a family who practices underground the ancient and mysterious way of wisdom known as kabbalah.

Книга: Alice Hoffman Incantation. Производитель: "Неизвестный". From a New York Times bestselling author comes a journey of loss and rebirth with a startling premise inspired by historical fact. Estrella& discovery that her family secretly practices the ancient way of wisdom known as kabbalah leads her to her true self and true love-but also to a devastating confrontation with unimaginable evil, unleashed by the betrayal of a friend. With themes of faith, friendship, and persecution, Alice Hoffman& tragic and beautiful novel resonates profoundly in our times. Издательство: "Неизвестный" (2006).

Alice Hoffman, quote from Incantation. In losing a friend, she is reminded of all she has lost and all she stands to lose again. There is nothing to be done to make it any easier. Alice Hoffman, quote from Incantation. I know who you are in your heart,' Andres said. That's all that matters.

Hiding her faith in kabbalah during a time in Spain when living openly as a Jew was a dangerous thing to do, Estrella struggles with her identity and her faith as events unfold around her that force her to come to terms with who she really wants to be in life.
Incantation, Alice Hoffman, 166 pages. Four stars, young adult; three stars, adult. From the reviews, I gather that Ms. Hoffman was delving into the crossover market for young adult / adult literature. That partly explains Hoffman’s return in this 2006 novel to a much earlier style of, say, Turtle Moon. A sample: “It was something small that made it happen. Small like the bite of a bug. That something was a kiss.” The plot is as sparse as that prose, and that is not a complaint. Just to let you know that this is no The Third Angel or Here on Earth or Practical Magic. Coming of Age is the key to this novel, and betrayal is the lesson learned. Concerned with Spain during the Isabella and Philip period of booting out Jews and Muslims, the novel certainly isn’t going to depict many joys. Its harshness, however, is glossed a good deal by its brevity. A fine novel for young adults—and a good enough read for adults, especially fans of Hoffman’s writing.
This is a story of commitment to one's heritage and beliefs. A story of the ages which repeats itself again and again thru different times and in different places. The story of a People who have had to live in disguise in order to protect their very lives. Superstitions and avaricious greed hunted out the Jews of Western Europe in the times of the inquisition. This in places where even conversion to Christianity hundreds of years before couldn't save them. Respected families who were forever in service to their communities still were hunted out, robbed of their possessions, tortured and killed in horrific ways by the monsters of ignorance and cruelty. Incantation shows us what this unbelievable reality looked and felt like. One sweet, hardworking, devoted family's story, each character so clearly shown to be an admirable and memorable person turned to ashes by an unhappy and thoughtless young neighbor girl. A lifetime of friendship becomes the condemning arrow shot out of jealousy over a cousin's kiss and a string of pearls. This story is a peek through the veils of history, at the same deeply rooted dark side of life - an evil that permeates our world still today. Alice Hoffman's beautifully crafted story is a reminder for us all that so much still remains to be undertaken in our world to enlist intelligence, compassion and the goodness of the human spirit to create and provide a world of cooperation and peace. Dr. Robin Bentel, Marin County, Ca.
I love Alice Hoffman. The first book of hers I ever read was Practical Magic, and I didn't like it - I didn't like magic then, or witches. I was a very down-to-earth reader.

Since then I have explored other sides of myself and in turn have come to Alice Hoffman. Her use of language, her weaving of history through her books (unlike the modern-day Practical Magic), even her celebration of women, who by our nature have a special "knowing." I loved The Dove Keepers and The Red Garden.

This one: absolutely beautiful and powerful writing, but how could end it so abruptly? I wanted so much more. So that is my disappointment. I loved the historical setting and how Hoffman brought the period to life and revealed secrets to me. I just wanted more.
What happens when a young woman (16) learns that her entire life has been a lie? This is what happens to Estrella di Madrigal in Spain during the Spanish Inquisition.

She watches as those around her are arrested, tortured, and put to death because they are Conversos (Jews who have converted to Christianity). She feels for them but is happy that she and her family attend the Christian church headed by Friar DeLeon and that her brother is a seminarian.

Estrella's best friend and neighbor is Catalina. They have been close since birth but it is Catalina's cousin Andres, who lives with Catalina's family, that ultimately causes the rift between the two girls. Catalina has always believed that she and Andres would be married. But Andres sees Catalina as a sister while he looks at Estrella in love.

With the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition as a backdrop, Estrella soon learns from her honored grandfather that she is Esther, that her entire family are Marranos (Jews converted to Christianity but who practice judaism in secret). Because of Estrella's love for Andres and his for her, Catalina and her family betray the Madrigals; Estrella watches from the shadows of the crowds as her family is first denounced, then tortured, and finally put to death. She is the only one to escape.

This book is short but packs a mighty punch. Easy enough to read in one sitting but don't, no matter how much you are tempted. Take time to digest what you are reading here. Although meant for the younger reader, most adults should find this a compelling story. A word of caution: the descriptions of the torture of the Marranos is very detailed and vivid and may not sit well with the squeamish.

Different from Alice Hoffman's other novels, I found this one nevertheless equally as good. Ms. Hoffman hasn't disappointed me yet.
Always an Alice Hoffman fan, I recently read Incantation, a short book written for the young adult audience. Set in Spain during the Inquisiiton, the central character is Estrella, a teenager who learns over the course of the story that hers is a Jewish family that is Catholic on the surface only. Her world is torn apart as she, her family and their community are exposed and persecuted. She swiftly finds out who her friends are and aren't. I am intrigued by stories in which extraordinary circumstances reveal previously unknown aspects of people, how people deal with relationships and lives torn apart—who succumbs to baser human behavior and who rises to heroic dimensions. This is a gripping story. My only complaint is that it ends abruptly, so it's not quite satisfying. I think it really should have been longer.

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