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» » ATV Trails Guide Colorado Central Mountains
ATV Trails Guide Colorado Central Mountains e-book


Charles A. Wells







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FunTreks Inc (April 1, 2007)





ATV Trails Guide Colorado Central Mountains e-book

by Charles A. Wells

This could be due to the age of my books, plus the trails are always changing as well as being maintained by various off-road groups/clubs. I have not driven a trail that has been tougher than what he has described it though, which I think is more important that one being easier than he describes.

His books include easy and moderate routes for stock SUVs, difficult trails for serious 4-wheelers and trails for unlicensed vehicles (ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes). Today his books are standard equipment for thousands of motorized adventurers. He strongly promotes responsible use of public lands. Charles continues to scout most of the trails and spends a great deal of time traveling in his motorhome.

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Charles A. Wells graduated from Ohio State University in 1969 with a. . Wells graduated from Ohio State University in 1969 with a degree in graphic design. Over the years, he and his family enjoyed a wide array of outdoor activities including hiking, biking, rafting and skiing. He has written many more books since then, including books for ATVs and UTVs, and has continued to update and improve his existing books.

Easy, Moderate, Difficult ATV Riding Adventures in Colorado's Central Mountains.

In-store or Online,. Offer details. Easy, Moderate, Difficult ATV Riding Adventures in Colorado's Central Mountains. If the item details above aren’t accurate or complete, we want to know about it. Report incorrect product info.

ATV Off Road Trails Colorado Central Mountains Xj Chad – December 12, 2014.

ATV Off Road Trails Colorado Central Mountains. Our Colorado Central Mountains ATV Trail Guide features some of the best-hidden gems in the area. Xj Chad – December 12, 2014.

Riding the Pomeroy Lakes trail near Saint Elmo, Colorado. Filmed with an GoPro HD Hero.

Customer service is priority at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. Dan Thomas, CEO and Founder. We take pride in offering no hassle returns.

The San Juan Mountain are a range that makes up the southwestern part of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The San Juan Mountains scenery is absolutely breathtaking and exploring them in an adventure vehicle is surreal. They span the continental divide, sprawls almost 2 million acres and are riddled with countless stunning peaks (including 13 that tower over 14,000 feet!). It is an adventure lovers playground with lakes, waterfalls, ghost towns and relics from the gold rush. There’s nothing quite like skidding up steep mountain passes surrounded by nothing but pristine nature and thousands upon thousands of feet of mountain side elevation.

Precise directions, custom maps and stunning color photos guide you to and through the best ATV trails in central Colorado. Most routes are day trips from Denver and other front-range cities. Thrilling rides for all skill levels. Learn where to unload and the best places to camp. Stay on course with handy GPS waypoints. Trails are great for dirt bikes and dual sport bikes, as well. Book promotes low impact riding and environmental responsibility.For complete trail listing and a look inside the book visit the FunTreks website. Visit Funtreks website for GPS trails now available on SD cards for use in Garmin NUVI, Garmin Handheld devices, Iphone and Android devices.
Charles Wells' books are the best you can buy. They have good information/descriptions about the trails, starting points, ending points, where they merge into other trails etc...

I have found his ratings to be slightly off at times, with trails not to be as difficult as he rates them. This could be due to the age of my books, plus the trails are always changing as well as being maintained by various off-road groups/clubs.

I have not driven a trail that has been tougher than what he has described it though, which I think is more important that one being easier than he describes.

I now own every book he has written for Colorado Jeep Trails and Colorado ATV trails.
This guide book was awesome for finding the trails in CO for the week I spent out there last summer. A word of caution: the trails are rated Easy Medium and Hard for 4wd ATV's with winches. If you're on a 2wd quad, or in my case a dirtbike, the trails are much harder, if not impossible on the "hard" trails. Medium was about all that I could handle and still enjoy riding. Easy was sometimes too easy.
The maps are good, but some of the trail markings are not. Bring a GPS! Easy to get lost. There are several trails that are named very much alike, and with the lack of signs it gets confusing. For example, multiple trails were named something like 123a, 123b, 123c, and they looped around and around, which caused confusion.
In the end, the trails were fun, and the views were breathtaking! We would've never enjoyed our trip without knowing where to go with this guide book.
Very informative, lots of information on the Central Mountains of Colorado.

I own 8 log cabins in Buena Vista, Colorado and an off-grid property that has 4 yurts and 4 tepees in Bassam Park near Aspen Ridge, Buena Vista, Colorado. We rent ATVs in the Bassam Park, South Four Mile and Aspen Ridge. The book covers South Four Mile area, but doesn't mention County Rd. 185 that goes all the way to Salida which is a few hours ride. It is a four-wheel drive road and is impassible during the snowy season. There are trails off the county road also. Aspen Ridge is 5 miles from County Rd. 187/County Rd. 185 turn off and is an easy, popular ride in the Summer as well as Fall with spectacular views of the Collegiate Peaks and Mount Antero. There is also a ghost town that is off of County Rd. 185C and there are several ATV trails in that area.
OK guide but it only lists a small fraction of the trails out there. Unfortunately we planned our trip solely off info in this guide book. On our first day there, we had picked a trail (neared to us according to the ATV guide book) that was over 45 miles away. We stopped by the U.S. Forestry service to get permits. While they we asked about some of the trials we had marked in the book. We had 2 or 3 that were within about 150 miles of us. The lady at the Forestry service showed us about 12 that were much closer. The nearest being about 8 miles away. They gave us a large folding map with many more trails. They weren't marked as well and have directions like the Trail Guide book did but we talked to 2 of the Forestry people and they marked spots on the maps for us and gave it pretty darn good directions. We ditched previous plans and went mainly by US Forestry maps.

However, the info and pictures in the ATV Guide book are great! The info on parking areas and road types is nice. The pictures from on the trail and landmark sites are great too! We decided to try one of the trails the listed as "Difficult" and found it to be almost a beginners trial. That is definitely a matter of opinion and depends greatly on your machine and your riding ability. Fun to read through during the trip planning process.

Overall though, I would recommend talking to the US Forestry Rangers and getting info from them. I'm not sure if the ATV Guide book just focuses on private trial or local Colorado trials but it didn't include Federal US trails. This maybe ATV only trails where the US Forestry gave ALL trails that ATVs were allowed on. Some were also Jeep trails. And believe me, for every trail listed in this book there are several not listed. And usually in the same area. All I know is the the US Forestry list of trails far out numbered the ones in this book.
Excellent guide and highly detailed maps. Tells you where to go and exactly how not to get lost. The author tells what to expect, how to get there safely and interesting lakes, ghost towns, old mines to look for while you are there. This book has taken me on adventures that I never would have known about otherwise. This is the best source of maps for dirt-biking, atv's and Jeeps hands down! Of the 30 or more topo maps, gazetter's and guide books that I have ever bought this beats them all. I went and bought all of Charles Wells books they are simply the best available.
If you are an ATV rider this book is great. The scale system is right on & when he says it is difficult, it is difficult. We have used our 1st one for 5 years. It has gotten wet one times too many so we broke down & bought a new one. Too bad it is so cold where we live or we would go riding this weekend. Spring cannot come soon enough!!! Mr. Wells does a great job of mapping, directions & just overall everything when he writes these books.
I received this book a month or so ago and I don't leave home without it. I have hit four of the trails in the book and the author has done a great job in his description of the trails. I'm new to atving and this book has really helped me. I'm also new to Colorado. Would highly recommend.
Great guide to where, how to access and conditions of the trails. Also has good practical information when going on the trails.

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