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» » Mad Ducks and Bears: Football Revisited
Mad Ducks and Bears: Football Revisited e-book


George Plimpton







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The Lyons Press; 1st edition (August 1, 1993)





Mad Ducks and Bears: Football Revisited e-book

by George Plimpton

Аудиокнига "Mad Ducks and Bears: Football Revisited", George Plimpton. Мгновенный доступ к вашим любимым книгам без обязательной ежемесячной платы.

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He wrote regularly for such magazines as Sports Illustrated and Esquire, and he appeared numerous times in films and on television.

Plimpton revisited pro football in 1971, this .

Plimpton revisited pro football in 1971, this time joining the Baltimore Colts and seeing action in an exhibition game against his previous team, the Lions. These experiences served as the basis of another football book, Mad Ducks and Bears, although much of the book dealt with the off-field escapades and observations of football friends Alex Karras ("Mad Duck") and John Gordy ("Bear"). Another sports book, Open Net, saw him train as an ice hockey goalie with the Boston.

He wrote regularly for such magazines as Sports Illustrated and Esquire, and he appeared numerous times in films and on television.

Mad Ducks and Bears book.

From the author of Paper Lion Following his turn as a Detroit Lions rookie in Paper Lion, George Plimpton returns to the field of American football and focuses on the careers of his Lions teammates, Alex & Duck' Karras and John & Bear' Gordy. What he uncovers is a fond tribute to the values and follies of this brutal, but captivating game

Some error text about your books and stuff. Mad Ducks and Bears: Foootball Revisited. Description: Plimpton joins a couple of former teammates - Alex Karras and John Gordy - to reminisce and reflect on their careers.

Some error text about your books and stuff. Publisher: Lyons and Burford Publishers. Publish date: 12/01/2004.

by Steve Almond and George Plimpton.

by. Plimpton, George. Sports, Sports & Recreation, Essays, Football - General, Sports & Recreation, Football, General, Plimpton, George, Gordy, John, 1935-2009, Karras, Alex, Football players. Guilford, CT : Lyons Press.

Plimpton joins former teammates Alex Karras and John Gordy to reminisce on their careers.
A few weeks ago, after former Detroit Lion great, actor, and broadcaster Alex Karras passed away, I read his autobiography "Even Big Guys Cry", and found it to be a notch above the typical sports autobiography, both in the intelligence and depth Karras displayed, and in the humor and wit in the book. After finishing, I discovered that author George Plimpton wrote a book that starred Karras and Lion's offensive guard John Gordy ... "Mad Ducks and Bears: Football Revisited", and decided to read it. (Karras's nickname was the "Mad Duck "for the way bustled around when playing, and Gordy was nicknamed "Bear" thanks to an excessively hairy body.)

The book itself is mostly about Karras and/or Gordy, but Plimpton also speaks with other football players and coaches, sometimes to attempt to corroborate something that Karras may have told him, and others simply because of their notoriety from the era (or an earlier era). The book is laugh-out-loud funny, partly because of Plimpton's writing skills, and partly because the two men were genuinely humorous.

When reading the book, you get a genuine sense of what it was like to play professional football in the 1950's and 1960s, and what the men themselves went through. And while relatively well paid for the era, players were far from rich, and a lot of the humor of the book comes from schemes that Karras or Gordon became involved with in order to try and make money.

If you're read Karras's autobiography, then a lot of the stories here were also later used in his own book, although some stories evolved a little over time. Also, Plimpton found others remembered some of Karras's stories differently than Karras did. (Plimpton left you to decide for yourself who to believe, in those cases.)

This is a very funny, entertaining book, and is well worth a read if you're a football fan. And even if you're not. Five stars.
Not as good as Paper Lion but worth your time.
My rating should be 4.5. A bit slow at one point, but a marvelous depiction of the lives of professional athletes. Full of stories about the best football players of the mid Twentieth Century, including, of course, John Gordy and Alex Karras. Literate; glad I had read "Paper Lion" years earlier.
love this book
Great book about the humor and heartache of the greatest pros in early NFL! Karras was a real legend who took life with a grin!
Fun book.
One of my all-time "must-have" inside-the-game books, right up there with FOUL about Connie Hawkins, MAD DUCKS AND BEARS is nothing short of brilliant... insightful for its look beneath the gridiron turf of the NFL, and asthma-inducing hilarious when author Plympton wisely turns large chunks of the book over to narratives by John Gordy and, to a larger extent, the great Alex Karras, a very droll fellow.

In the mid-'70s, this book used to accompany my sight-impaired college roommate and myself on our annual treks around the country to visit other old chums from school, and in the evenings, I would read and re-read passages aloud to him... Gordy's thoughts while lying on the turf of Yankee Stadium with a dislocated shoulder, Karras' recollections of his first days off an Indiana farm at the University of Iowa under coaching legend Forrest Evashevski, and his adoption in training camp as a scared rookie by hard-drinking Lions' team leader Bobby Layne... as we would roar ourselves to sleep.

Delighted to see this wonderful volume reprinted! Long overdue.
George Plimpton wants to write a book about the techniques offensive and defensive lineman. The Mad Duck (Alex Karras) and The Bear (John Gordy) will be used for research. Their first meeting for the book places the author, George, in down lineman position in the apartment of one of the men as they hammer him into lamps and such. From there the book takes off on the minds of Karras and Gordy. It is filled with absolute laugh out loud hilarity. The book finishes with Plimpton at Quarterback, but this time for the World Champion Baltimore Colts. Insights to hall of famers Johnny Unitas and Bubba Smith are must reading for football historians. (Smith at a party trying to teach a myna bird his name, "Bubba, Bubba, Bubba"). One also gets introduced to Bob Irsay who dismantles the team. It is a hint of things to come----a move to Indianapolis.

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