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Captive Destiny e-book


The man she can’t forge. ight years ago, Emma and Jordan had been wildly in love – but then suddenly Jordan’s attitude had changed and he had thrown her out of his life

Captive Destiny book.

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"strong" , em } Eight years ago, Emma and Jordan had been wildly in love –- but then suddenly Jordan’s attitude had changed and he had thrown her out of his life.

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Электронная книга "Captive Destiny", Anne Mather. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Captive Destiny" для чтения в офлайн-режиме. Emma had to admit that she was curious. Jordan had said the matter was one of life and death, but since she wouldn't agree to meet him she would never know.

Select Format: Hardcover. ISBN13: 9780263093735.

1978) A novel by Anne Mather. Eight years ago. Emma and Jordan had been wildly in love-but than suddenlyJordan's attitude had changed and he had thrown her out of his life. July 1984 : UK Paperback.

Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. Long Night's Loving.

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From the back cover: Emma had to admit that she was curious. Jordan had said the matter was one of life and death, but since she wouldn't agree to meet him she would never know. Emma's hands trembled as she hung up the receiver, the familiar resentment she felt toward Jordan Kyle enveloping her. To ring her up like that - after all this time? Well thank goodness she had refused him. At least she'd shown him he couldn't drop her and then pick her up again when it suited him. Unfortunately, she couldn't seem to get him out of her mind.

MY THOUGHTS: Spoiler alerts! Avoid reading this review if you don't want to find out! Ok, the gist of the story is Emma and Jordan grew up together, their parents being best of friends and partners in a business. Although they grew up together, they loved each other very much and it was even assumed that they would marry each other. But out of the blue disaster struck. Emma's father committed suicide, Jordan's family bought out the business and the love affair terminated. Emma was shattered not understanding what happened, why their love affair ended, assumed Jordan only cared about her because of the business, etc. (And you know that's not true -_-) Emma ends up marrying David but a week before the wedding even though she was going to call it off, David gets into an accident and is disabled forever. So now Emma has no choice but to go through with the wedding even though she doesn't love David, and they can never have a true marriage. Yes, our poor heroine is stuck with a sucky man (who is EVIL!!!) caters to him, gets abused by him, she is with him for four!!! lonely years, is a virgin, etc. Anyway, after almost 8 years, Jordan calls her and asks her to see his dying father. (3 years separated from him, 4 years married to evil David) Emma is wondering why after all this time he has contacted her and of course Emma decides to go - because if she doesn't there is no story ^_^

Ok, after reading "Bond of Hatred" I had to get used to going back to reading an old HP written in 1978. The story was good but there wasn't much love scenes between them. There was definite angst and sadness and tragedy because I'm sure you have already guessed SPOILER: Jordan broke up with her because he thought they were half brother/ half sister. But he's loved her VERY VERY much! I hate it! I hate it when main characters waste so much time on a misunderstanding, sniff! I wish that was only the case but poor Emma got saddled with David (I hate him!) As for Emma's character I was a bit irritated by her. I just didn't understand why she didn't leave David. He was such a bastard! She found out something about him in the start/middle of the book and that would have been my way out. So I'm a little disappointed in her but I guess she has a good soul that she can't leave someone who seemingly lost everything. As for Jordan, I can't believe he didn't super check his facts. But then again when Emma marries David, I guess he thought it was a lost cause. But not to worry it is a happy ending. Thankfully, Jordan realises the truth, investigates and finds it all out you'll have to read the book so you can find out how he gets Emma back even though she's married =) This was a good read. I think I will keep it in my bookshelf even though there wasn't many juicy scenes to re-read again (since it was mostly angst, drama and sadness) Other books I re-read most of the times, this one I'll probably re-read 5 times a year.
I love Anne Mather, some books better than others. Your typical late 70's romance book but those are the books I started on and love going back and reading them.
Great. As if silk shirts weren't enough, the H has a suede suit. Ye gods, you Brits.

Continuing with the sartorial portion of our review, gentle readers, I don't even want to know what a "body shirt" is 'cause the H is wearing one.

UPDATE: I don't know which is more appalling: the disclosure on page 164 that gobsmaks the h and me or black suede pants and black leather jerkin the H wears on page 168.


Honestly don't know what to say, but my heart pounded on a couple of occasions. Serious case of "Molly, you in danger girl!" If Anne Mather had sold this as a horror story, it would be a 4 star, hands down. This h is snakebit.

This plot was filled with one of the biggest collection of nasty, need to die characters as I have ever come across: the lying father of the H, the lying and distant mother of the h, the lying, criminal as well as abusive husband of the h. Surprisingly, the H is not included in the abusive category. Given the wardrobe choices listed above he's a Courvoisier, a dose of Brut, and two sideburns away from belting out "After the Loving", but a bad guy he's not.

Bottom line, our h and H grew up together, kind of. He was older, but never had a real GF until the h turned 18. He was waiting for her to grow up. Sweet right. Yeah, unfortunately as with most humans, these two had parents. They would have been better off raised by wolves frankly. The h's father commits suicide, and suddenly the H is nowhere to be found. After a year or so, the h flops into a relationship with a dweeb then marriage. Another unfortunate incident, the fiancee with mommy issues that the h is thinking of kicking to the curb has an accident four days before the wedding and is paralyzed so she HAS to marry him.

A few years later, the H arrives and wants her to see his father who was always like an uncle to her. Hubby's not happy. Before she leaves for the islands, she finds out he was having an affair as late as the week of their wedding, and she's the one who gets slapped. The H brings along his piece of the week who happily tells the h she's pregnant. She's not.

At the island, the H's father tells her that HE told HER father that she was his daughter. I'll wait while you ponder that one out.....Hmm, I wonder if that confession had anything to do with the h's father blowing his brains out. The h's mom was there and denied it all to the h's father, but apparently he didn't believe it as the other two had had a sexual relationship before. The h then figures out that the H, the love of her life, must think they were half-siblings, and that was why he broke it off. It doesn't explain the still handsy way he is with her. Nothing too much, but still a big ick if he thinks she's such forbidden fruit. She leaves soon for England.

Back home in rainy England she finds out more. The H's dad dies and wants to leave her half his fortune. Guilt money. A visit to the attorney to deny it (she has somewhat of martyr complex) she finds out that her husband had a child with the woman he was with which explains why he never received any insurance money from the accident. She also finds out that her mother was the one who lied to the H and said they were half-siblings out of spite and social snobbery. I love it when these British novels play the social class card.

It all winds up nicely as, unfortunately, the mother is forgiven and the horrible husband is paid off. Suffer, suffer, suffer.

The romance was secondary to the whole machinations of all the other evil ones here. Anne must have been in a cranky mood the week she wrote this. A few tweaks and Frankenstein would have a run for its money.

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