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Night Music (Bestseller Romance) e-book


Charlotte Lamb





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Harlequin Mills & Boon; New Ed edition (February 14, 1986)





Night Music (Bestseller Romance) e-book

by Charlotte Lamb

One of the first writers to explore the boundaries of sexual desire, her novels often reflected the forefront of the "sexual revolution" of the 1970s.

One of the first writers to explore the boundaries of sexual desire, her novels often reflected the forefront of the "sexual revolution" of the 1970s. Her books touched on then-taboo subjects such as child abuse and rape, and she created sexually confident -even dominant- heroines.

Bestseller Romance, Paperback, 187 pages. Night Music (Hardcover). Published December 1990 by MacMillan Publishing Company. Author(s): Charlotte Lamb. ISBN: 026375393X (ISBN13: 9780263753936). Large Print, Hardcover, 216 pages. ISBN: 0745112552 (ISBN13: 9780745112558).

Everything i love about Charlotte Lamb& intense romances gets delivered in "Night Music" which is about a married couple that very much love each other

Everything i love about Charlotte Lamb& intense romances gets delivered in "Night Music" which is about a married couple that very much love each other. But a mistaken cause of betrayal that leads to hate and bitterness on both sides Lisa leaves her husband as she can& take his cruel punishing for something she haven& done. A year later he finds her and with a ruthless plan on his mind he is determined to get her back.

Used availability for Charlotte Lamb's Night Music. December 1990 : UK Hardback.

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Lisa was not exactly happy working with Evan Wright's advertising agency. night music by charlotte lamb. com User, July 10, 2008. Lisa's former life was behind her now Lisa was not exactly happy working in Evan Wright's advertising agency.

I started to give this a lesser rating, but Charlotte Lamb is a favorite author, so I am giving the book the benefit of the doubt. After I read it once again, the story may grow a little on me. If you know what I mean - sometimes, the characters were a little boring and the plot dragged a bit in places.
This was an okay book, standard formula plot- runaway wife & pursuing husband & many misunderstandings. Ms. Lamb has written way better books.
I disliked the domineering sister, blustering bully-boy boss and let's not forget the abusively sneering husband.....Whilst work-place bullying was not acknowledged in those days, it made for unpleasant reading. Hero is deeply hurt with super-macho intent to hurt Lisa to compensate for his own angst. Lisa has backbone to stand up against being manipulated by Steve but totally useless in the workplace bullying and failed to protect her colleague. Gold Reader review is quite good so readers will at least enjoy finding the gems to remember.
I'm a Russian Occupant
Lisa's former life was behind her now

Lisa was not exactly happy working in Evan Wright's advertising agency. Competent herself, she found it unpleasant covering for Jon, Evan's inept brother-in-law.

Then Steve Crawford, a demanding new client, insisted that Jon should handle his account. Evan was amazed. Lisa was furious.

Unknown to anyone, Lisa had once abandoned a glamorous career to get away from Steve Crawford. She would not be moved by Evan's demand that she be nice to an important client--nor by Steve's undiminished charm!

my take:

Things you may or may not like about this book:
Fantastic little romance written over 20 years ago. Night Music details how Lisa and Steve mend their broken marriage. The hero and heroine are two beautiful people with a range of complex emotions. My sympathies were entirely with Steve and Lisa was a very strong tough cookie indeed. The great thing was that there was absolutely no doubt that they loved each other throughout the story. Lots of anger. Lots of tasteful sex. Great ending. One of 3 stupendous Lamb novels written in the late 70s. Hard to believe the years of dross that followed.
Description from the book back cover:

"I bought you, and what I buy stays bought, even if it proves to be worthless," Steve Crawford had told Lisa. Was it any use her going on trying to convince him that all his ideas about her were wrong? Her relationship with Denny was purely platonic and now Steve was being equally blind about her friendship with Jon. But Lisa was still strangely drawn to Steve even knowing he didn't love her. Why didn't he just finish with her and have done with it?
Current Harlequin and romance writers could take lessons on from Charlotte Lamb on how to build up tension and scare the heck out your readers. There were more than a couple of times reading this book when it read more like a suspense/horror genre than a romance.

"She was about to draw the curtain again when she heard the slow click of feet on the pavement above the area.
She drew back, holding the curtain but keeping out of sight. The iron gate at the top of their steps creaked in its familiar way. A black shadow fell across the paving stones, moving slowly.
Lisa's nerves screamed."

We’ve all eye-rolled when the h succumbs to the magic p at one touch. Lamb provides pretty convincing and valid evidence to support why this can happen without losing respect for the heroine. In this case, the hero is not far behind her in obsession.
"She could walk away and keep walking along this empty silvered sand into the void which waited for her, because if she walked away from Steve life would be a void.
Whatever he did to her, she needed him, needed his presence to assuage the loneliness she had never recognised until now with that emptiness of sea and sky in front of her, forcing her to admit her own humanity and isolation. She stood there, shivering with the tremors of fear and recoil, feeling the hot pulse beating at her throat and wrists beneath all that, because, however he hurt her, Steve brought her to life too."

The h is secretary to a rather feeble, asexual executive at an advertising agency. He takes the h out occasionally to bolster his ego; she goes because he’s not threat. Out at a snazzy dinner, the h can feel someone watching her. Turns out it’s her ex-husband she fled from a year ago. She had been a relatively famous lingerie model, and he was convinced she had had an affair with her photographer Svengali type. The pair were in a car accident where the photographer was killed. The whole scenario looked as if she was leaving for an assignation. Compound this with some love letters the H found, and he was on a rampage. The H took revenge by taunting her with some pretty nasty epithets, making her lose all control sexually then taunting her some more. It almost broke her emotionally so she fled to England.

The H plays a cat and mouse game by hiring the agency to work on his business. The pair finally wear each other down, admitting that they can’t live without each other. The H says that he finally believes her in what, for me, was an abrupt turnaround, but hey, who knows. Each comes to the realization that their insane physical connection has allowed them to not connect in other ways, allowing them to keep pieces of themselves private.

The H is an over the top alpha male obsessed with the h. The h is a pretty smart cookie, but has shut down over the emotional trauma of her husband’s emotional rape when he was convinced of her adultery. The turnaround was plausible, but I am not entirely convinced these two have happily EVER after in their future.

My one real complaint about this book is the atrocious title. Time and time again, the characters discuss what is behind the mask you present to the world, and if either had ever been totally honest with each other hiding behind their own masks. Behind the Mask or The Mask Ripped Away or something along those lines would have been better titles. Night Music sounds like a poor editorial choice.

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