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» » The Sinner Who Seduced Me: A Regency Rogues Novel
The Sinner Who Seduced Me: A Regency Rogues Novel e-book


Stefanie Sloane







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Ballantine Books (July 26, 2011)



The Sinner Who Seduced Me: A Regency Rogues Novel e-book

by Stefanie Sloane

The Sinner Who Seduced M. The Saint Who Stole My Heart: A Regency Rogues Novel.

The Sinner Who Seduced Me. Stefanie Sloane. In Stefanie Sloane's irresistible Regency romance series of spy games and seductive passion, a rogue discovers that his desire for the wrong woman is so very right. A notorious scoundrel, the right Honorable Nicholas Bourne has spent years in the East Indies amassing a fortune through questionable means. Desire, danger, intrigue, and steamy seduction unite a sexy spymaster and an intrepid bluestocking as Stefanie Sloane’s luscious new series continues.

This is book three of Stefanie Sloanes debut trilogy this year and while I liked it, I didn't really love it either but I think .

This is book three of Stefanie Sloanes debut trilogy this year and while I liked it, I didn't really love it either but I think that was because I personally don't like to read a lot of the 'secret spy' type stories so maybe if I had waited a bit after reading The Angel in My Arms I might have enjoyed.

10. The Sinner Who Seduced Me., 10. One Perfect Christmas (Short Story). 10. The Angel in My Arms: a Regency Rogues Novel.

Часто встречающиеся слова и выражения. A childhood spent lost in the pages of countless novels led Stefanie to college, where she majored in English.

You'll find out if you read THE SINNER WHO SEDUCED ME. This story had so much going for it.

RRAH's THOUGHTS AND PONDERINGS: This is the third Regency Rogues novel (THE ANGEL IN MY ARMS was the first; THE DEVIL IN DISGUISE was the second), and, as in the previous two books, we're following a Young Corinthian-in this case, James Marlowe-into danger as he infiltrates Les Moines (The Monks), an organization tied to Napoleon. You'll find out if you read THE SINNER WHO SEDUCED ME.

The Scoundrel Takes a Bride: A Regency Rogues Novel

Published in the United States by Ballantine Books, an imprint of The Random House Publishing Group, a division of Random House, In. New York. BALLANTINE and colophon are trademarks of Random House, Inc. eISBN: 978-0-345-51744-9. The Scoundrel Takes a Bride: A Regency Rogues Novel. The Scoundrel Takes a Bride. Menu.

Give me a moment to think, James growled. He’d not spent a year and a half of his life on this assignment only to be bested by a brainless giant. This portrait, who commissioned it? Clarissa asked as she wiped smears of blood from St. Michelle’s bruised and cut face. James scrubbed one hand over his forehead.

The third gorgeous Regency Rogues novel. A passionate love story that sweeps you away; witty dialogue that crackles with energy; an evocative setting that truly transports you - indulge in an exquisite historical romance by Stefanie Sloane. See all Product description. Publisher: Headline Eternal (9 Oct.

One fee. Stacks of books.

A dedicated Young Corinthian agent, James Marlowe accepts the riskiest of missions—to go undercover as a traitor and infiltrate a deadly French crime organization. He is prepared for all matters of intrigue—everything but a surprise encounter with the only woman he has ever loved. Five years ago, the exquisitely stunning Clarissa Collins spurned James’s love and broke his heart. Now the accomplished painter is in peril up to her lovely neck, and only he can protect her.Lady Clarissa is being blackmailed by malicious men—but that is nothing compared to the torture of being so close to James, the enthralling man who seduced Clarissa, then betrayed her. Despite the hurt and misunderstanding that still simmer between them, their passion ignites anew. With their lives and England’s safety hanging in the balance, they must work together to save everything they hold dear. Can Clarissa and James escape the enemy’s clutches and find their way back to each other’s hearts . . . this time forever?
I enjoyed reading the book from start to finish, didn't lag as some reading material does. Sloane is a good writer.
The story takes place in France and England in 1811.

The hero, James, is a double agent, who fakes his own death but is devoted to England. His former love & great artist, Clarissa, decides to disguise self as her artist mentor, Bernard, who's French, helping hero's plan.Clarissa as Bernard, is commissioned to do a portrait of a wealthy man's daughter, Iris. Clarissa must finish painting, ASAP, as baddie has threatened her mother, still in France. Story devotes too much time to baddie.

Iris craves excitement and puts herself & others in danger several times & is slow to gain insight about this, Some readers might consider Iris TSTL. Iris' parents are oblivious to her nighttime adventures. Huh?

Multiple times Clarissa mentions she's too emotional. Do readers care? The hero doesn't seem to make Clarissa ( or the reader) weak in the knees. He is masculine and can defend himself & others, but where is the spark in his personality? Why would she reconcile with him? Lastly the 2 leads make love when the hero has fresh knife wounds- huh? Huh? Sorry to say this book is not even close to being 'a keeper.'

Five years ago, a scandal forced Lady Clarissa Collins and her mother Isabelle to flee London and her beloved James Marlowe who betrayed her for Paris. In France, the gifted painter studied the art of portrait painting and has become highly regarded though she never forgot her own traitor James.

London may have been scandalous, but1811 Paris proves unsafe. Clarissa is given the choice between abetting a criminal gang and receiving the body part of her mom. Young Corinthian member James never forgot the woman who hurt his soul. Now he has a second chance when he pretends to betray the Crown by going undercover to get inside a French gang. In London Clarissa is drafted when her mentor St. Michelle's arm is broken to paint a portrait of Iris Bennett, a Canadian debutante who wants a European adventure; James pretends to be Clarissa's assistant as he has found his muse to his heart and to the gang.

The latest Regency Rogues (see The Angel in My Arms and The Devil In Disguise) romantic suspense is an action-packed second chance at love thriller. A fast exciting read, fans will root for Clarissa and James to save the crown and their respective hearts in Stefanie Sloane's super story.

Harrier Klausner
Usually I bemoan the vast quantities of descriptions in literature. I've learned to skim over paragraphs of descriptions about dresses and buildings and nature - I almost never think about it anymore.

So I should be pleased by this author's lack of description, yes? Unfortunately, the one thing she should not have skimped on describing are the emotions of the characters and their interactions with each other - which I sorely missed. While I appreciate not being bored to death by meaningless descriptions the book would have been much more entertaining if the meaningful descriptions had been written. The whole thing felt rather... watered down.
I love Stefanie's books and this one is no different. I don't understand how anyone could give it a 1. I gave it a 5 and I would read it again.
This book was horrible. I don't think I've ever disliked two characters more in a book. Sorry but a complete waste of time and money.......

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