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The Tea Rose e-book


Jennifer Donnelly







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HarperCollins (May 2, 2006)





The Tea Rose e-book

by Jennifer Donnelly

The Tea Rose Jennifer Donnelly

The Tea Rose Jennifer Donnelly.

The scent of Indian tea leaves – black, crisp, and malty – was intoxicating. It floated out of Oliver’s, a six-story wharf on the Thames’s north bank, and wafted down the Old Stairs, a flight of stone steps that led from Wapping’s winding, cobbled High Street to the river’s edge. The tea’s perfume overpowered the other smells of the docks – the sour stench of the mud bank, the salty tang of the river, and the warm, mingled scents of cinnamon, pepper, and nutmeg drifting out of the spice wharves. Fiona Finnegan closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. Assam, she said to herself.

Kate mashed the tea and sat down. Rose Bristow and Kate Finnegan had grown up together on the same dreary close off Tilley Street in Whitechapel, and now lived only doors down from each other on Montague Street. Paddy said the blessing and the family began to eat. She regarded her brood and smiled. From stories her mam had told her, Fiona knew they’d been inseparable as girls, always giggling and whispering together, and even now, as married women, easily fell back into their old ways.

Jennifer Donnelly writes books for children and adults, including the novel The Tea Rose. She lives in Brooklyn and upstate New York, with her husband and two greyhounds. She has a passion for tea and roses. Библиографические данные. The Tea Rose: A Novel The Tea Rose Series (Том 1). Автор.

The Tea The Tea Rose Jennifer Donnelly. Although The Tea Rose is not the worst book I've read, it's pretty terrible. We're not punished for our sins, lad. We're punished by them. Every time a character had a setback in life it was magically resolved by some farfetched coincidence. On page 13, Donnelly Although The Tea Rose is not the worst book I've read, it's pretty terrible.

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Ms Donnelly has created characters that you instantly can identify with and fall in love with. Read the whole series (3 books) nonstop. This is the kind of book of characters that you are still thinking of weeks and years later. I can always hope Ms Donnelly will continue the story she created with yet another book, but know that after all these years it won't happen.

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Authentic and moving, The Tea Rose is an unforgettable novel-one certain to take its place beside such enduring epics as A Woman of Substance, The Thornbirds, and The Shell Seekers. Praise for this book. A splendid, heartwarming, novel of pain, struggle, decency, triumph. Similar books by other authors.

Set in Whitechapel in 1888, The Tea Rose is a tale of a love lost and won, of a family's destruction, of murder and revenge -- and one young woman's quest to escape the poverty of her childhood and make her fortune in the tea trade. Fiona Finnegan is the spirited, ambitious daughter of an Irish dock worker. She longs to break free from the squalid lanes and alleys of Whitechapel, where she has a job in a tea factory. With the love of her life, Joe Bristow, she dreams of escaping the poverty and opening her own tea shop. But one by one her dreams fall apart as her father is killed in a dock accident, Joe is seduced by another woman, and her mother is viciously murdered -- a suspected victim of Jack the Ripper. Devastated, her life in tatters, Fiona flees to New York where she sets up home with her alcoholic uncle. Slowly she builds his small grocery shop into a thriving tea house, and her new life flourishes. After years of hard work, she establishes herself as the head of her own powerful tea empire. But she cannot forget London -- or Joe. Convinced that her father was murdered by his brutal employer, Fiona vows to seek revenge and ruin him once and for all. Making her way back to the streets of her impoverished childhood, Fiona must start her fight again. From the bleak poverty and filthy back streets of London to the glossy sophistication of Fifth Avenue, from East End dock workers to New York socialites, The Tea Rose is a charming, heart warming and ultimately life-affirming novel.
This story starts out in a poor section of London in 1888 where hard working parents could barely feed their families or put a roof over their heads. It is a very grim existence. But 17 year old Fiona Finnegan and her childhood sweetheart, Joe Bristow, have a dream. They are working hard and saving every penny they can, to someday get married and own their own shop.

Then one thing after another goes wrong. First, Joe's boss's daughter sets her sights on Joe, who only had eyes for Fiona. But a devious plan and a bottle of whisky proves to be too much for the young man to resist. Sadly, Fiona and Joe's future plans are dashed forever. Then, several tragedies occur which leave Fiona and her little brother orphans. With reason to believe her life is in danger, Fiona and her young brother board a ship and flee to America.

The saga continues, with Fiona in America and Joe in England. The book is very long, but if the reader can get through the first hundred pages, it's a literary journey well worth taking. The characters are well developed, and the book is filled with interesting details pertaining to that period of time. It's a good old fashioned historical fiction that reminded me of books I read many years ago. I enthusiastically give it four stars.
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Donnelly is an author that I've never read before, but she will easily become a new favorite of mine. This book was beautifully done. I loved how the author stuck to the accents each character had, adjusting her writing to illustrate those. This is an author who writes delicious sentences and descriptions, and this book is one I enjoyed falling into.

I also loved the story, although it was often so heartbreaking that I couldn't help but feel sorry for Fiona. She lived a tough life. Growing up poor and eventually left to her own devices because of tragedy after tragedy, Fiona still manages to make something of herself and to reach her dreams. The author used Jack the Ripper as a way to move the plot forward and took creative liberties to tie him into her story. I loved this part of the book. Jack intrigues me, and as a villain he is most definitely a scary one. While the story was high on drama, I never felt like any of it was too wildly unbelievable. Each tragedy and success that Fiona experienced seemed plausible, although I often wished for a little more happiness for her. In the end, the story does work out, although there are many hardships on the way.

The characters in this novel were all well done. My favorite was probably Nick, a man Fiona encounters on her way to New York who becomes a rock for her throughout the beginning of her new life there. Nick is often funny and cares about Fiona to a degree that almost no one else in the book does. He supports her in all endeavors that she undertakes, and who doesn't want a best friend like that? Michael, Fiona's uncle, was an interesting character, often funny because of his developing paternal feelings toward Fiona. Although many of Fiona's family is lost early in the book, those characters are also given a certain livelihood that sets them apart, a testament to the skills of development on Donnelly's part.

Overall, I definitely recommend this book. It's sizable but quite worth it. There's enough story to keep the reader interested, and it's so beautifully done that it's a world readers won't want to leave.
This book deserved to be read. And to be made into a movie! With its 700+ pages long and all the details.. oh so much detail (all essentials too, definitely not fillers), the town, the situations, the every moves of every one. It got you invested in the story. How devastating the circumstances. The murders. The union. The ambition. The business. You grow with them, with the characters. I had a heavy chest reading more than half of the book. But it was so worth it at the end. Though I wanted to strangle some characters for meddling. Some for their decisions. But the sweet part of the story, when it was sweet, it got you. It grips and never loosen. The chase that got your heart pounding. The mystery. The cruelty of poverty, the selfishness... So much has happened in one book. I would give it a thousand times 5 stars if I could. Highly recommend.
An absolutely wonderful family saga with a strong female as the protagonist.

The Tea Rose is book one in a truly fascinating historical saga. The Tea Rose centres around Fiona Finnigan who lives in the East End of London around 1888 (during the time of Jack the Ripper). Fiona's father is a hardworking dock worker who is well respected by his peers. When he becomes involved in organizing a union, he is murdered for his troubles. The Finnigan family now in greater hardship, falls apart. Fiona flees to New York where she is determined to destroy the man responsible for her fathers death and destruction of her family...Fiona finally returns to London, stronger, wealthy and on her way to revenge her fathers murder. We meet many memorable characters in this book including Fiona's true love, Joe Bristow a costmonger in the markets of London's East End.
This is truly a wonderful read and the first in a three book Saga.

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