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» » Lady of the Night (Sensation)
Lady of the Night (Sensation) e-book


Georgina Devon







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Silhouette Books (November 25, 1994)





Lady of the Night (Sensation) e-book

by Georgina Devon

Lady of the Night book.

Lady of the Night book. Details (if other): Cancel.

lady of the night by unknown. Chapter 1. In the beginning there was nothing. An absence of form and sound. Each word burned away another layer of the mist that cloaked her vision. Finally, there was sight. An absence of pain and fear. She created the void, and the void was good. Then there was the voice. It was life calling back life. On a stark white backdrop lay a hand.

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has a bachelor of arts degree in social sciences with a concentration in history. Her interest in England began when she lived in East Anglia as a child and later as an adult. She met her husband in England, and her wedding ring set is from Bath. Today she lives in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband, two dogs, an inherited cat and a cockatiel. My lady, thank you for inviting u. Emma made a short curtsey to the older woman, who was also one of the patronesses of Almack’s, the ton’s most sought after arena for introducing young ladies to marriageable gentlemen. Lady Sally Jersey was a woman no one wanted to alienate. Lady Jersey waved the thank-you away.

1991) A novel by Georgina Devon. Genre: Historical Romance. Used availability for Georgina Devon's Lady of the Night. May 1991 : USA Mass Market Paperback.

ISBN 10: 0821734261 ISBN 13: 9780821734261. Publisher: Zebra, 1991.

Captured For Revenge-Kept For Passion. Ten years ago Lillith, Lady de Lisle, was forced to stand up the man she loved at the altar in favor of a richer husband. Now a widow, she suddenly finds herself the target of her thwarted lover's revenge. In return for Lillith's cruel rejection of him, Jason Beaumair, Earl of Perth, planned to abduct and seduce the beautiful woman who'd haunted his dreams for so long. He'd certainly never fall for her again.

A Christmas to cherish. An Unconventional Widow (Regency A Christmas to Cherish.

From the back of the book:

Jane Doe wasn't just another patient. And in all his years of training, no one had touched Joshua Martane like the fragile young woman who had been brought to the psychiatric ward five months earlier. Suspected prostitute. Brutalized victim of a serial murderer. Mystery surrounded who she was -- and who she wasn't. But one thing was certain. Joshua was completely entranced with the amnesiac woman with the huge blue eyes whom he called Maggie. He knew therapists shouldn't get involved with their patients. But Maggie was already much more than a patient. And whatever her secrets were, he was going to have to help unlock them.

I meant to order the book with the same title by Georigina Devon but somehow got this one instead. I'm glad I did. It was one of those books that get you right from the start. You've got alittle bit of everything with this book: the mystery behind Maggie's past, the romance between Joshua and Maggie, the man who is still trying to murder Maggie. Throw in Joshua's two friends, Sam the cop and Skeeter the artist, and you've got quite the interesting story.
Mustard Forgotten
Excellent Read. Emilie Richards has a real gift for writing with kind of lyricism which makes the pages fly. I loved the setting in pre-Hurricane Katrina's New Orleans. Emilie Richards nailed the setting as authentic. Surely, she once walked these streets.

This story follows an unconscious head injured patient almost murdered months earlier. Law enforcement has make a cursory effort to identify the victim including parading local pimps past her bed to try and identify the woman they believe is a cheap hooker based on where she was found, her wardrobe, and makeup. Interestingly enough, her fingerprints are not on file. Based on her projected age, the low class clientele in the area where she was found. She should have some record of prior collars with her fingerprints and easily identify her.

Our psychologist hero is wonderfully crafted and supported by his two childhood buddies to bring the story to Happy Ever After (HEA).

I received a complimentary copy of this book for a fair review.
Young Lady Damaris FitzHubert possessed beauty, fortune, and impeccable lineage. But that didn't seem to do her any good where the Duke of Camber was concerned. The man she had adored from afar since childhood had no interest whatsoever in the season's new crop of debutantes. His preference ran toward the demimonde, the Cyprians, the women of easy virtue whose company could be had-or dispensed with-for the price of a pearl choker or a diamond brooch. Damaris, however, was not about to give up. Not even if she had to attend the notorious Cyprian's Ball itself... Camber was caught of guard by the mysterious new Cyprian. Not only was she hauntingly lovely, but actually had the gall to turn down his very generous offer for her favors in no uncertain terms. What game was this enticing wanton playing? She would soon discover that she had chosen the wrong man to fence with. For he was expert duelist and he always won...
A very sensual book that has no problem holding ones attentiion!
This story was okay, but it bugged me that Joshua was being so patronizing to Maggie, telling her she was a good person even if she was a prostitute, instead of believing in her enough to believe that she wasn't one in the first place.

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