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Sold to the Enemy (Mills Boon Hardback Romance) e-book

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Mills & Boon is a romance imprint of British publisher Harlequin UK Ltd. It was founded in 1908 by Gerald Rusgrove Mills and Charles Boon as a general publisher. In 1971, the publisher was bought by the Canadian company Harlequin Enterprises, its North American distributor based in Toronto, with whom it had a long informal partnership

Sellers Start Selling Help Close. Book Description Mills & Boon, 2014.

Sellers Start Selling Help Close. Home Mills & Boon One Night to Risk it All (Mills & Boon Hardback Romance). One Night to Risk it All (Mills & Boon Hardback Romance). 1. One Night to Risk it All (Hardback Romance). Published by Mills & Boon (2014). ISBN 10: 0263242188 ISBN 13: 9780263242188.

THE ULTIMATE PLAYBOY: Mills & Boon Comics. When her brother, Logan, a doctor, decides he needs some help for the season, Ethan Walker takes the job, moving to the small island from the big city. On a mission to meet a certain someone, Ruby, in the guise of a bartender, sneaks into?Q Virtus, an exclusive world-class gentleman’s club for billionaires.

A timeline of Mills & Boon. 1968: The high point as Mills & Boon prints 130 hardback and 72 paperback romances a year.

Strong, brooding, bright and prone to huffy fits of bossing people about, they were Alpha males before we even knew what that meant. Most had aquiline noses (pity me in the days before Google), chiselled cheekbones and sensual mouths. A timeline of Mills & Boon. 1908: Mills & Boon founded by Gerald Mills and Charles Boon. 1920s: Specialising in romances saves the publisher from going bust. 1987: Oxford English Dictionary includes "Mills & Boon" meaning "romantic story book".

Brides of the Desert Rose: Return to the scene of scandals and seduction in this follow-up to the bestselling TEXAS SHEIKHS series. Soon Jessica wondered how she'd survive falling for the enemy with her heart intac. . The Only Daughter Let Nick Grayson teach you the ropes around the office, her family said, and even feisty Jessica Coleman could not deny her duty–especially since one day she would inherit the family business.

Good)-One Night at Parenga (Modern Romance) (Paperback)-Robyn Donald-026383199X.

Seductive: Mills & Boon books were allowed to be printed during the Second World War when paper was rationed to.But there is another side to the story

Seductive: Mills & Boon books were allowed to be printed during the Second World War when paper was rationed to boost the morale of women. When I first met my ex-boyfriend, he was everything I wanted - he was tall, handsome, older and very well travelled. I thought the happy-ever-after was going to begin. But there is another side to the story. Many people argue that far from damaging our relationships, exploring feelings through romantic novels (or indeed films) can be a good thing for your relationship.

We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Books : My Boyfriend and Other Enemies (Mills & Boon Hardback Romance) (Hardcover)

We aim to show you accurate product information. Books : My Boyfriend and Other Enemies (Mills & Boon Hardback Romance) (Hardcover).

I would like to purchase used/new mills and boon romance novels and would like to know whether there are any book stores/people selling .

I would like to purchase used/new mills and boon romance novels and would like to know whether there are any book stores/people selling them in the United States.

We have the typical Virgin Heroine and Ruthless Hero and yet they are so different, and so much better! The heroine is a little bit naïve but so open and honest and SMART that its not something that makes me want to shake her but endearing. And the Hero does have a terrible past that causes him to detach from the world (especially woman) but he's still a good guy. The author doesn't use his past as an excuse for the Hero to treat the Heroine badly in a misguided attempt to create 'angst'. At the end of Mils & Boon I usually feel the need for the Hero to cut out his beating heart and offer it to the Heroine he's behaved so badly. Not this one. I was rooting for them the whole time and all I needed from him was three magic words. I didnt need any grovelling at all!
The Heroine really understand the Hero and calls him on everything, but in a non confrontational way. She's just honest about the way things are. And when she doesn't like something? She tells him and, if necessary, walks. Not the dramatic I'm leaving you so you can notice me but just, I deserve better so I'm not going to stick around here and take this. She might have been sheltered but she's more woman than any other Mills & Boon Book I have read. BRAVA!
Showing up in a nun costume? That was priceless and so was the heroine. I loved her honesty, her rose colored glasses, her openness and her love for the hero. Her Father was horrid and I can't believe she kept hope and innocence alive in those circumstances at all. I loved that part of her. But I hated it when she turned against the hero. It made me take off one star for that. The ending was sweet and I would read this again for sure.
I really enjoyed this book. I would say that the heroine is naive, not immature. She was brought up in a secluded and oppressive way, and had almost no exposure to the outside world because of her tyrannical and abusive father. When she finally escapes out into the real world she is quite unprepared and very over eager to try all the things that she had never had a chance to do and try, leading to some funny moments between hero/ heroine. I felt it was a realistic way in which to behave when embarking out on your own for the first time in your life. Her new experiences derailed her on her long and careful plan for her and her mom's freedom and that adds to the thrill of the book.
The hero had all the wonderful qualities of a great and memorable hero. He had a conscience and was very protective of her although he struggled throughout the book with his feelings for her, and how those feelings grew and grew for her.
I really like how the heroine always stood up to him (in a cute way) and did not let him steamroll her into doing things his way as do so many of our heroines. In so many of today's books they seem to just pretend to be these ethical and very independent women but in the end they turn wishy washy and self sacrificing, for " the good of the unborn baby" or other typical martyr plot. It's nice to read a different type of take on a plot I've read before which happens I suppose, when you've been reading romance for over 25 years.
I purchased this book based on other reader's reviews. I am a big fan of Sarah Morgan, but I was a little disappointed with this book. I like the hero character, but not as much for the heroine. I found her character very annoyed. I think she is immature, a dreamer, naive and acts like a child sometimes. She threw herself at the hero, but afterward complained when something goes wrong. Her character ruined the story for me. Other than that, I like the storyline and the writing.
Captain America
A simple enjoyabe read. Maybe simplistic - but isn't that what most HEAs are.

A one time read.

Storywise 2 stars. 1 star for being amusing.
Contemporary romance with protected & unprotected sex.

I don't usually buy Harlequin romances. I like Lucy Monroe though & I have recently found SM. Her books are by necessity short, but to the point. I just like the style of her writing.

There are no surprises here & it's pretty predictable. I was still able to enjoy it!
Love Sarah Morgan's writing and this book is no exception.

Selene has lived a very sheltered and abusive life at the hands of her father. But she has plans to escape the Island they live on and help her Mother escape also. So she dresses up like a nun and goes to see the one man who might be willing to help her start her business, her father biggest enemy.

Stefan agrees to help her and asks her if she would agree to come to a party at his Villa. While there pictures are taken and posted on the Internet. When Selene finds out about the pictures the next morning she feels betrayed by the one man she considered a hero. She rushes to get home, hoping to get there before her father, so that they both can escape. But her father is waiting there when she arrives. Stefan was not the one behind the pictures but only realizes after Selene has left that she fears her father and sets off to rescue her.

Stefan has suffered a loss and has always been the kind of person to never get attached to anyone. A kind of love the and leave them before they can even start thinking long term. But he has never met anyone like Selene. Will she forgive him for what she feels was a betrayal? And will he admit that he loves her before it is to late?

There were some scenes that had me laughing when Selene has to many glasses of Champagne.
A must read from Sarah Morgan!
I have just discovered Ms Morgan and what a delight it is. Now I have so many books to read. She makes me homesick for Lodon, were I was born and grew up. Sadly I am unable to return to visit family anymore because of illness, but her books take me there. Thank you sarah.

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