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» » Boundary Lines (Language of Love, No. 47)
Boundary Lines (Language of Love, No. 47) e-book


Nora Roberts







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Silhouette (October 1, 1994)



Boundary Lines (Language of Love, No. 47) e-book

by Nora Roberts

Childhood friends Mackensie, Parker, Laurel and Emmaline have formed a very successful wedding-planning business together but, despite helping thousands of happy couples organise the biggest day of their lives, all four women are unlucky in love. New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts introduces you to the Montgomery brothers - Beckett, Ryder, and Owen - as they bring an intimate bed-and-breakfast to life in their hometown. Ryder is the hardest Montgomery brother to figure out - with a tough-as-nails outside and possibly nothing too soft underneath.

Nora Roberts publishes numerous books every year, including detective romances as . Explore a list of all of Nora Roberts' canon. This was the birth of . Robb, to whom the "In Death" series is attributed. Those titles are included in this master list of Nora Roberts books. Roberts started writing during a blizzard in 1979.

Typical Nora Roberts feisty heroine. Strong mostly silent hrro.

No surprise there; Nora has always been one of my favourite authors (if not the favourite). If I hadn’t already known that this book was written back in 1985, I could have easily assumed it was a contemporary romance. Typical Nora Roberts feisty heroine.

The cover may have some limited signs of wear but the pages are clean, intact and the spine remains undamaged. This book has clearly been well maintained and looked after thus far. Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Select Format: Mass Market Paperback. Format: Mass Market Paperback. ISBN13: 9782280847858. Release Date: January 2009. Publisher: Harlequin. Weight: . 2 lbs. Dimensions: . " x . ".

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. Nora Roberts - Engaging the Enemy (A Will and a Way; Boundary Lines). 525 Kb. Nora Roberts - Key 01 - Key of Light.

Boundary Lines, Silhouette Intimate Moments. Dual Image, Silhouette. Night Moves, Harlequin Intrigue. Genuine Lies, Bantam.

Feisty Jillian Baron and arrogant Aaron Murdock seemed determined to carry their families' feud into another generation. But the battle waged within their own hearts pitted their mistrust against overwhelming desire.
I checked the publish date before buying it, because it sounded a lot like a book I had read of Nora Roberts' years ago... The publish date said 2012, so I doubted it was the same thing, as I got to the 2nd chapter, I confirmed; I read this at least 5 years ago...Nothing like buying it twice. Ugh. Can we have some honesty and let readers know that it's RE-PUBLISHED?!?
Jillian Baron wasn't raised with a bunch of loving words and caring touches, but she knew she was loved anyway by her grandfather. When he died, he left the ranch to her, Utopia, and she was very determined to make it grow and make her grandfather proud of her.
Her family has been feuding with the next door neighboring ranch, Double M, for as long as she can remember but has no idea what started the feud. Aaron is Murdock's grandson and is now running that ranch.
When Jillian and Aaron meet for the first time, it is a shockingly wet experience and yet the sparks fly. Jillian is determined to fight the attraction, but every time he kisses her, her mind goes blank. Then her body starts responding of it's own will.
When 500 head of Jillian's cattle turn up missing, the clues point to the Murdock's and an attempt to reignite the old feud. Jillian knows in her heart that they didn't do, but there is very little to go on. They find the hides and bones of 200 cattle buried in a canyon. There is no clue as to where the rest are at.
While she fights to keep from losing everything, Jillian must also fight her feelings for Aaron, but she is definitely losing that battle. A good read.
The book was ok. To be honest it was very similar to the other Nora Roberts book I've read. Also the romance over shadowed the real action. My other problem with the book was that the romance was too "flowery". Half of the time I spent trying to work out what was actually going on because the scenes didn't come out and say it, most of it was just alluded to.
Really it was more suitable for my Nan than a reader who isn't afraid to call a spade a spade and wants her romance a little more erotic than "mysterious". Overall a little dissapointing and I'm wishing I hadnt spent nearly $10 on an ebook....
I always enjoy Nora Roberts' books, although they have overall very similar aspects in the way the story progresses. Ms. Roberts has a way of changing the characters and events enough that I still find them a diversion from the stories in most novels. This one was especially good in that the story took place in the western United States and I loved reading about what the characters were involved in doing.
Really familiar from the start. Either I read it long ago or.... The problem (not just with Nora R.) is that all these books are being offered as new releases and hey are re-releases. It's very irritating.
ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ
Seems like I have been reading Roberts for years. . .and I have. . .but she has NOT lost her touch. In this novel she presents a new twist. . .neighboring ranch owners. . .one of them a very young woman. . .who have goals and are willing to work very very hard to accomplish them even at the sacrifice of their own lives. Roberts known how to make her characters think and live even if it means the reader might be uncomfortable at times; but, the story becomes stronger. This novel is strong and Roberts still has the ability to make us see.
Any book written by Nora Roberts is wonderful. I've read so many just too many to review each one. All her books have wonderful characters with a fast paced story line. Not only is the romance great but you actually learn about so many different professions and the work involved that one would otherwise not know about or appreciate. The research into the professions of her characters is fabulous. Enjoy all her works and can hardly wait for more to come.
Nora always takes you away to other places and let's you get involved with the characters. She keeps you enthralled and turning pages.

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