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Imprimatur e-book


Francesco Sorti,Peter Burnett Colquhoun,Rita Monaldi





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Mercat Press (November 30, 2007)





Imprimatur e-book

by Francesco Sorti,Peter Burnett Colquhoun,Rita Monaldi

Imprimatur is the title of an Italian historical novel, written by Rita Monaldi and Francesco Sorti.

Imprimatur is the title of an Italian historical novel, written by Rita Monaldi and Francesco Sorti. It is the first in a series of books based around the principal character of the 17th century diplomat and spy, Atto Melani.

Monaldi & Sorti is the pen name of the Italian married couple writer duo Rita Monaldi and Francesco Sorti. Rita Monaldi (born 1966) is an Italian journalist and writer. She majored in classical philology and specialized in the history of religions. Francesco Sorti (born 1964) is an Italian journalist and author. He majored in musicology and specialized in the 17th century. They both live with their two young children in Vienna.

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Rita Monaldi, Francesco Sorti. I do not know where I found the strength to complete my diary, but I did succeed in so doing. Then, I read swiftly through the pages which I had already written. Then, I read swiftly through the pages which I had already written f the tentative investigations which I had conducted concerning the guests at the Donzello: and what had I discovered? Practically nothing. Every apparent breakthrough had proved to be a false dawn. I had learned of facts and circumstances which had little to do with the sad end of Signor di Mourai, and which had thrown my ideas into even greater confusion

A hétkötetesre tervezett sorozat címei összeolvasva egy latin nyelvű mondatot alkotnak: Imprimatur secretum, veritas mysterium, unicum (Nyomtattassék ki bár a titok, az. .To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

A hétkötetesre tervezett sorozat címei összeolvasva egy latin nyelvű mondatot alkotnak: Imprimatur secretum, veritas mysterium, unicum (Nyomtattassék ki bár a titok, az igazság rejtély marad, az utolsó). A két utolsó könyv címét a szerzők teljes titokban tartják.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored, or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical or photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the express written permission of the publisher.

Historical novel by Rita Monaldi and Francesco Sorti. Sorti, Francesco; Burnett, Peter.

11 September 1683, Rome. 11 September 1683, Rome. The citizens of the city wait anxiously for the outcome of the battle for Vienna as Ottoman forces lay siege to the defenders of Catholic Europe.

Authors : Francesco Sorti, Rita Monaldi. Product Category : Books. Rita Monaldi was born in 1966 and is an expert in the history of religions. Her husband Francesco Sorti was born in 1964 and has a background in musicology. List Price (MSRP) : . 9. Both Rita and Francesco have worked as journalists, but in recent years they have collaborated on several historical novels including Imprimatur and its sequels Secretum and Veritas.

This is a very long, intricate historical novel set in Rome during a little more than a week in the year 1683. It’s an astounding piece of historical reconstruction that is never pedantic, and without a whiff of archival dust. The plot is very complicated, with spies and counter-spies involved in the diplomatic intricacies of relations between the Vatican (Pope Innocent XI) and King Louis XIV of France, some of it very sordid. There are murders and cases of mistaken identity, and people slithering and slogging back and forth through the network of underground passages beneath Rome. The authors claim the story is TRUE, which apparently caused the Vatican to try to have the novel banned. Luckily they didn't succeed.
Good and entertaining read, (mostly) plausible explanations for historical "mysteries" and unveiling of some of the manipulations history books are full of. I found it, however, impossible to motivate myself to read through the extensive notes and research at the end despite my classical education and my knowledge of the historical period.
Interesting. This book certainly gets the history right. And the characters and their motivations are solidly set in their time, unlike most historical novels and movies. But it is long. And it indulges in pages of description of medical practices and other contemporary misunderstandings. If you like that, this is your book.
An interesting novel. Like much good fiction it encompasses enough real characters, historical setting and events to leave you wondering just where fact ends and fiction begins. The translation from the original Italian has been done well - there is none of the stilted language that sometimes mars translated works.
I loved this story. The characters. The vivid description of 17th Century Rome. The rich tapestry of live, history, architecture above and under ground. Just fascinating. Well researched. Well Written. Loved every page of it.
Perfect conditions, thanks
The book is fine, and mostly what I expected.

The seller claimed the book was "Like New". It was far from that, but it was certainly serviceable and easily readable. I would hesitate trusting the seller if one buys a book from him expecting it to be in more or less pristine condition. Price, however, and rapidity of shipping made the purchase worthwhile from my standpoint.

I'm a history guy, but the interplay between Louis XIV and the Pope at the end of the XVII century are not one of my strengths. The book starts off in a faux-old style which makes getting started a little rough. I'm only about 2/3 the way through and it's picked up and is moving along just fine. I'm interested to see how the authors pull everything together in the last third, but I find myself compelled to keep reading. As an historian, I find the historical work, detail, and mindset of the central character to be fascinating. That said, though, this may be a book that I would suggest to my non-historian wife to start and see how far she could get, but I would never suggest that she propose it to her book club.
Throughout this very lengthy, but absolutely intriguing novel, I couldn't figure out why this book had been banned in Rome. Sure, it deals with Innocent XI whom it took centuries to finally get beatified, and sure, despite the consistency of historians of the Papacy in depicting him as a simple, humble, saintly figure, he obviously had a few flaws. After 500 or so pages, I just couldn't figure out why it'd been banned. Until...the Addendum, the Notes, & the other historical documents at the end of the book. Then it all made sense. The authors, employing first-hand research that's freaking amazing (i.e., primary sources from the Vatican archives as well as other sources), there reveal the almost incontrovertible fact that Innocent XI, through his money-grubbing, hypocrisy, shadiness -- among other things -- set in motion a whole series of major historical currents still reverberating down to the present.

This novel helps one appreciate the scope & challenge of the dysfunctional system of the Vatican for anyone gutsy enough to attempt reforming it! But remember, this book was banned in Rome. Just as anyone who tries, from within or without, to question the Roman Catholic system & its operations, is immediately silenced, or challenged, or discredited, or made to look the fool, or bought off. It's typical behavior, learned over long centuries, and is, unfortunately, very efficient. The functionaries of the Curia, along with the privileged, inside & outside of the Vatican, share such expertise with the kind of politicians, especially the right-wing, in the U.S. who are routinely busy using it against citizens in this country currently.

I thoroughly enjoyed this thriller, and can't wait to dive into the authors' sequels: Secretum, & Veritas!

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