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Unbreathed Memories e-book


Marcia Dutton Talley







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Dell; Pf edition (February 18, 2000)



Unbreathed Memories e-book

by Marcia Dutton Talley

All rights reserved And now have toil’d their unbreathed memories. With this same play, against your nuptial.

And now have toil’d their unbreathed memories.

iled upon Connie to help me locate the patients on Diane Sturges’s list. Connie had to prepare a shipment of her painted gourd figures for an art gallery in New York, but she had hired Dennis’s twenty-something daughter, Maggie, to help out. Usually Connie strong-armed me to manage the packing, so I was relieved to learn that she had made other arrangements.

Marcia Talley’s first Hannah Ives novel, Sing It to Her Bones, won the Malice Domestic Grant in 1998 and was nominated for an Agatha Award as Best First Novel of 1999. Unbreathed Memories, the second in the series, appeared in 2000. Both were featured alternates of the Mystery Guild.

Author of Sing it to her bones, Automating the Library with AskSam, Unbreathed memories, Occasion of revenge, In death's shadow, Naked came the phoenix .

Author of Sing it to her bones, Automating the Library with AskSam, Unbreathed memories, Occasion of revenge, In death's shadow, Naked came the phoenix, Dark passage, This enemy town. Automating the Library with AskSam.

Marcia Talley (born April 12, 1943) is an award-winning mystery novelist, author of the Hannah Ives mystery series, two collaborative novels, and numerous short stories. A former librarian, she took early retirement in 2000 to write full-time. Marcia was born April 12, 1943, in Cleveland, Ohio, the daughter of COL Thomas Chester Dutton, a career . Marine Corps officer, and Lois Elizabeth Tuckerman Dutton, a registered nurse. On September 5, 1964 she married John Barry Talley

Unbreathed Memories book.

Unbreathed Memories book. Hannah Ives doesn’t go looking for trouble  . No one can match Marcia Talley's unsentimental view of the tangled, complex relationships among adult family members: people who must be, at one and the same time, parents, children sisters, wives " - . Rozan, Anthony and Shamus award-winning author of STONE QUARRY. Unbreathed Memories is about the most provocative issue in the world of criminal justice - memories.

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Unbreathed Memories is the second book of the Hannah Ives mysteries. The first, Sing It to Her Bones, won the 1998 Malice Domestic Grant, was a Featured Alternate of the Mystery Guild, and was nominated for an Agatha Award for Best First Novel. No one can match Marcia Talley's unsentimental view of the tangled, complex relationships among adult family members: people who must be, at one and the same time, parents, children sisters, wives.

A few pages torn from an appointment book may hold a crucial clue.

Hannah Ives has every reason to mind her own business. Having survived a recent bout with breast cancer, she's opting for reconstructive surgery and a fresh start. Her Annapolis home is decorated for better feng shui. Her parents are living close by. And her sister, Georgiana, is finally getting help for recurring depression. Everything is coming up roses-until her sister's therapist takes a nosedive off a balcony. Now with Georgiana a prime suspect in the murder, Hannah needs to do some analysis of her own. A few pages torn from an appointment book may hold a crucial clue. And some bizarre memories from her sister's past may point to a motive...if Hannah can keep a clear head and dare to enter the darkness of a killer's twisted mind...
Those of us who have experienced traumatic amnesia at some point in our lives understand that there are blank spaces in our memories for varying periods of time. I had a childhood accident where I remember starting to fall, and my next memory is having bandages removed from my leg some period of time later. I was left with a large scar and no memory of the intervening time period.

In this novel, Hannah Ives has a younger sister who is undergoing counseling. Her analyst has convinced her that something buried in her past is causing her problems. She recreates her childhood in her mind, but are the resulting memories real or fantasies? Was she really abused by someone as a child? What she thinks she remembers is causing a major turmoil in her family.

Hannah Ives gets involved in some sleuthing, intermixed with reconstructive surgery after having breast cancer. Hannah's own life is put in danger as the mystery is solved.

The novel could be classified as a tragedy. Events are somewhat unfinished as it ends with her sister still in counseling and trying to resolve her past. What really happened when the family was in Sicily? It deals with mature subject matter, and I would probably rate it at about the PG-13 level.
I love Hannah Ives. She is just about the most realistic heroine around today. I had read "Sing It to Her Bones" and liked it. Now I discover there are several more Hannah Ives books out there. I guess I will be reading them out of order, but it is worth it.

I have this marked this book down one star because Hannah idiotically puts herself in danger at the end. It was the only thing that didn't ring true because Hannah is otherwise extremely intelligent and sensible.
Lots of mystery and suspense. Also lots of feelings and family relationships. Plus it shows what can go wrong if therapy is not done wisely and well. Would recommend the book. Plan on reading more.
This was my first book by Marcia Talley and it'll probably be my last. Even though it was a good read, for a short book it took my a while to finish. Didn't have me sitting at the edge of my seat to finish like other books I've read. Knew what the ending would be several chapters prior to the end (and I don't think this was the intention of the author, or maybe it was, don't know). Plot was very predictive, lots of unnecessary information to fill the pages. Overall, this is a book to save for a rainy week when you don't have anything else to do.
This is a nice easy read. I would consider it a "cozy". The characters are interesting and the book flows very nicely.
Very intriguing story.
I am happy to say I've just discovered a new very favorite author. I just finished reading Unbreathed Memories, the first book Marci Talley book I've read, and have "I've finished reading a greatest book ever, where can I find more?" blues. The characters in this book simply jump off the page with energy, truth and humor. Ms. Talley gets just about everything in this book perfect...plot, pacing, characters, humor, mystery. You name it, this book has it in spades.

I love the main character, Hannah Ives. The story is told from her point of view, which enables the reader to get in her thoughts. And her thoughts are so great! She is the most real fictional character I think I've ever come across. Terrible things are happening in Hannah world, yet, as in real life, no matter how chaotic it may be, life just keeps marching on.

Thank you, Marcia Talley. I look forward to reading many more Hannah Ives stories.
After recovering from a mastectomy, Hannah Ives waits to undergo reconstructive surgery so she can feel like her old self. While, her new age sister Ruth runs off to Bali to find her spiritual self, her younger sibling Georgina begins to ask Hannah strange questions related to their childhood. A hysterical Georgina calls Hannah to come pick her up at her psychologist's house. Hannah arrives only to have Georgina show her the body of Dr. Diane Sturges who apparently fell off the balcony. Hannah anonymously calls the police as her sister flees the scene.

The next day the police call Georgina and Hannah who admits they left the scene of the crime. They bring Georgina in for questioning and follow up with a visit to her father. Georgina believes, with the help of Dr. Sturges, that her father sexually molested her as a child and he killed Diane to silence her. Hannah takes it on herself to prove her dad's innocence and to persuade Georgina that she suffers from false memory syndrome planted there by her now deceased therapist.

UNBREATHED MEMORIES is an entertaining mystery that sensitively deals with current social issues. Hannah is a wonderful role model who has no time for self-pity. She is a fighter who will enter hell for that heavenly cause she believes is morally right. The story line is intriguing and fun, but tally one for the star as this plot belongs to Hannah. Marcia Talley is a bright light who has enlivened the amateur sleuth galaxy with the opening act of what should be a warm long running series.

Harriet Klausner

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