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» » Ambition and Delight: A Life in Experimental Biology
Ambition and Delight: A Life in Experimental Biology e-book


Henry R. Bourne






Professionals & Academics

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Xlibris (June 5, 2009)





Ambition and Delight: A Life in Experimental Biology e-book

by Henry R. Bourne

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Ambition and Delight book. Ambition and Delight:. See a Problem? We’d love your help.

Ambition and Delight : A Life in Experimental Biology. Ambition and Delight shows how the unique personalities, joys, and sorrows of individual scientists shape their science. Their discoveries are driven by warm cooperation and painful competition, combined with the viscerally satisfying delight of solving nature's puzzles.

1. Ambition and Delight: A Life in Experimental Biology. Published by Xlibris (2009)

1. Published by Xlibris (2009). ISBN 10: 1441519319 ISBN 13: 9781441519313.

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Ambition and Delight. By (author) Henry R Bourne. Free delivery worldwide. Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter.

Ambition, surprise and delight: necessary lessons. Authors: Henry R Bourne. Nat Cell Biol 2002 Jul;4(7):509-13. Department of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, 240 Longwood Ave/ C-1, Boston, MA 02115, USA. View Article. Download full-text PDF.

Henry Bourne is Professor Emeritus and former chair of the Department of Pharmacology at the University of California – San Francisco

Henry Bourne is Professor Emeritus and former chair of the Department of Pharmacology at the University of California – San Francisco. He is the author of several books including a memoir, Ambition and Delight, and has written extensively about graduate training and biomedical workforce issues.

Оглавление выпуска журнала. Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine. Springer New York Consultants Bureau (Москва). Том: 165 Номер: 1 Год: 2018. RADIOPROTECTIVE PROPERTIES OF NEOMITILAN IN EXPERIMENTAL RADIATION PNEUMONIA Apanasevich .

Experimental biology is the set of approaches in the field of biology concerned with the conduction of experiments to investigate and understand biological phenomena. The term is opposed to theoretical biology which is concerned with the mathematical modelling and abstractions of the biological systems. Due to the complexity of the investigated systems, biology is primarily an experimental science.

Book by Bourne, Henry R.
The book is a fascinating read -- funny, and a bit thought provoking. It is well written, so an easy read. I highly recommended to anyone who wants to know how biological research and academic politics really works. And it is a must-read, for people beginning research academic careers. Beyond that, it is a great biography of a fascinating person.

Full disclosure: I have met the author, and most of the people mentioned in the book.
Ambition and Delight is a thoroughly enjoyable read. As a faculty member in a molecular biology Department, I found it particularly well suited to senior level undergraduates and entering PhD students considering a career in research. Dr. Bourne, a renowned Professor at UC San Francisco, takes us on his coming of age journey from high school to medical school to a highly successful scientist. This is a refreshingly honest account of the good, bad and ugly of a career in biomedical research. Ambition and Delight served as the primary text for a course I teach on the practice of science. This book proved a perfect entry point for discussing timeless issues facing all young scientists: mentor-student relationships, building confidence, choosing a research topic, integrity and career choices. Along with the struggles, this behind-the-scenes view of modern day research does a wonderful job of highlighting the fun and satisfaction of pursuing a career as a research scientist. This book received overwhelmingly enthusiastic reviews from the students. I am looking forward using it in my class next year and I highly recommend it for instructors wanting to share with their students the ambition and delight behind modern day biomedical research.
I am a non-scientist, but love science and read about it a lot. I really enjoyed this book, and recommend it for anyone curious about an insider's view of what a life in science is like. If you followed enough of the math in A Beautiful Mind to enjoy the story, you'll do fine with this. In an age where Science and Religion are so much at odds, it's nice to demystify what are the joys and the process of one man's life in academia. I recommend this!
Gold Crown
Dr. Bourne's descriptions of activity within the cell are instructive to a non-scientist like me and tantalizingly close to my comprehension; but it is his description of the activity of the cognizant multi-celled organism, its struggles, triumphs, abrasions, setbacks and pleasures that mirror our own lives and give us reassurance of of our common experience and response. This is a love story and definitely worth a read.

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