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» » 8 Keys to Self-Leadership: From Awareness to Action
8 Keys to Self-Leadership: From Awareness to Action e-book


Dario Nardi







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Best-Fit-Type Publishing (October 4, 2005)





8 Keys to Self-Leadership: From Awareness to Action e-book

by Dario Nardi

8 Keys to Self-Leadership shows you how to honor your natural talents and to stretch yourself into new areas while keeping that sense of learning and wonder you had as a child. In this book, you will be guided through the doors of self-awareness and shown how to unlock the eight ways to find greater satisfaction in all that you do. If you are familiar with Dr. Carl Jung's framework of 8 psychological functions or the 16 Myers-Briggs types, you will find familiar material, though this book takes a developmental approach. Each chapter takes you through one of eight ways we metabolize experiences, including a quiz, in-depth explanation, and two-dozen exercises to explore and develop the benefits of that psychological function in yourself. Everything is based upon extensive research, discussions with multiple experts, and practical experience with clients. This book is a great tool to use on your own or with clients for coaching and skills and leadership development.
Edit: After reading the book many times, and diving into the exercises in the various functions, I realized just how good it really is. I can't give this less than five stars and have adjusted my review here to reflect that.

Original review:

A really dense book--packed with information. Very useful information, too. I think some reader familiarity with MBTI up front would be beneficial. The writing is pretty academic; the word "context" is used frequently where "experience" would do just as well. The exercises look really effective, but I keep telling myself I could never do them--that's just not me. :-)
Dr. Nardi gives great descriptions of the 8 functional types in this book. If you want to understand the programming of a person's brain better, then this is the book for you. It is packed with lots of nitty-gritty details on what makes people tick, and how to view the world from their perspective. I like the section in each chapter called "possible misuse." This explains what happens to people when their programming gets rigid and dominating, because of stress. It is like their brains get caught in a feedback loop that they can't get out of. Dr. Nardi tries to teach us how to be better (self-leadership) by giving us small exercises that will enhance programming in our brains that is underused. It is an interesting concept that you can explore with the information contained in this book.
This book begins with a guide to the reader both to self select their own personality and a basic overview of Jungian personality typing and uses Myers-Briggs 16 personality types to outline key features of each type, and which components a person can build on based on their type. This especially useful because it brings light the fundamental elements of personality which is commonly incomplete and misunderstood by those who dabble lightly in Myers-Briggs.

This gives more personal insight into how one's personality functions are interconnected with useful charts. A group of friends were hanging out together and we used the personality in this book to help show how to view personality typing in a more holistic manner. My friend got so inspired he ended up borrowing the book for reading material since he had previously not known about personality type.

Really worth it to get to last 1/3 of the book. Also included is a section with step by step mental exercises which help make the reader more self aware and also able to empathize with the thinking styles of others who may have different personalities. It takes some diligence since it's a longer read, but for those dedicated to self improvement, it's a great resource.
great book for MTBI people who want to personalize their growth
This is a wonderful tool for anyone exploring her own experience of type, and "type professionals" as well. Dr. Nardi makes the 8 functions accessible and really helps clarify differences between each.
Approaches MBTI and the Jungian Personality types from novel perspective and offers great advice on how to develop yourself into an effective human being.
Sincerely the Count of monte cristo, the characters are too small for my eyes. please can i have the large print, large enough for my poor eye sight.
As for the delivery it was in perfect accord with the schedule.
I really appreciate the service,
Very satisfactory.

Thank you
This is my first review, and i feel compelled to write it for this one:

This book is practical, and it works!! Having already known my type, i jumped straight to my preferred functions and it was eye-opening to be able to relate to the exercises, as i could recall many times when i used them myself in my every day life. This gave me the confidence that if i practiced the exercises in other functions, it would indeed develop the function and lead to personal growth. The golden nugget for me was the 'three' modes described which say that it would be difficult to develop the function unless one was in that particular mode. Having tried to develop the functions on my own before, i would try in an 'O' mode while trying to do Se and it just wouldnt work. The only thing this book takes is a willingness to grow, and taking the time to do the exercises... in the right mode!

My wish would be more on 'cooperative relationships' specifically between lead & support process, if there was a book on this i would definitely buy it.

Why this book isnt more popular, i dont know... perhaps the title puts it into a sort of cheesy type book category? For a while i have been looking for books specifically to develop the functions, but only came across this recently after peering into it from a preview.

I thoroughly recommend this book for everyone wanting personal growth, or at the least, coming to a greater understanding of themselves and how they, and those around them, go about daily life.

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