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» » Basic Technical Mathematics With Calculus: Metric Version
Basic Technical Mathematics With Calculus: Metric Version e-book


Allyn J. Washington







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Addison-Wesley; 5th edition (November 1989)





Basic Technical Mathematics With Calculus: Metric Version e-book

by Allyn J. Washington

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I used an older version of this book 15 years ago when I got my associates degree, now they are using this version for another math class I need for my bachelor's degree. This book is often used for several different classes so you should hang on to it! You can likely get 2-3 different classes out of it.

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This tried-and-true text from the pioneer of the basic technical mathematics course now has Addison-Wesley's amazing math technologies MyMathLab and MathXL helping students to develop and maintain the math skills they will need in their technical careers.

Book is in typical used-Good Condition. Will show signs of wear to cover and/or pages.

Получить до Ср, 5 фев - Пн, 24 фев от US, США., Состояние: Хорошее состояние. 14-дневный возврат товаров - Покупатель оплачивает обратную доставку товара. Book is in typical used-Good Condition. There may be underlining, highlighting, and or writing. Will be a good Reading copy. STUDENT SOLUTION'S MANUAL FOR BASIC TECHNICAL MATHEMATICS WITH CALCULUS, SI VERSION By Allyn J. Washington.

The text now sports an engaging full-color design, and new co-author Rich Evans has introduced a wealth of relevant applications and improvements, many based on user feedback.

Items related to Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus Metric Version. ISBN 13: 9780201356663. The book is intended for a two or three semester course and is taught primarily to students who plan to pursue engineering or other technical fields.

Book by Washington, Allyn J.
When faced with paying over 200.00 for a new book, renting this book is well worth the money. I was required to use this book for two math courses and ended up renting it twice from the vendor. Each time the book arrived in fairly good order and no marked pages. The vendor sent a reminder email when it came time to return it and the process was hassle free.

As for the BOOK..well, I realize that teaching math probably has not changed too much in the last fifty years or so but this book is in need of a MAJOR rewrite. The chapters are unorganized and the book really needs to equate the fundamentals discussed with some practical analogies. Also, the computation methods used in some of these chapters were just nutty and convoluted when simpler approaches could've been used. The book was so bad that the instructor taught everything from lecture using totally different techniques and only used the book as a resource for problems.

To summarize...the vendor...A-OK to work with and the price of the rental is phenomenal when compared to purchasing (by the way, changes in the most recent edition are negligible) however, as a student don't expect too much from the book as a means of understanding the prepared to FOCUS on the heavy drinking the night before class.
I'll be using this book for a college pre-calc class and it seems like it'll do the job just fine! The only downside to the copy of the book I'm renting is it has horrible damage to the spine. My best guess is that whoever rented it before me was an idiot who can't open boxes. The previous user must have just gone to town and used their box cutter to open the box from the side, decapitating the front cover in the process. The previous renter (I'm guessing) fixed it by taping the book together. I think do fine for the semester, I just wanted to document the damage.
Book is good ... but $250 for a textbook ... that is totally insane and a deliberate student ripoff ... so I purchased the almost identical 9Ed for $0.16 ... and if you like, there are plenty torrents available for this book.
IMPORTANT: This book includes the Access Card. When you activate the card, you can download the digital version for your tablet. If you don't need the book, just buy the access card and download the digital version, you'll save a lot of money.
The instructor of my college course chose this text, and even though we weren't required to buy it, I opted to purchase anyway.
It is chock full of examples for each section and subsection which I find helpful. I've seen some math textbooks in which the author inundates the reader with verbiage; which I don't find particularly helpful when it comes to being able to solve problems. One other thing is that I was able to get this text for just under $50 (before shipping) which makes it a good buy especially in the realm of textbooks.
I first used the 9th edition of this book for my calculus classes. It didn't read well, but had alot of good information. As I could only use the digital version for my class, I bought this one afterwards, the new 10th edition, and it reads so much better then the 9th edition. The examples are better explained, the arrangments have been modified for better flow, and several other positive changes.
For math class, could i really love it?
The book worked just fine for my 9 week calculus class. The examples they provide are not the best but it still worked. The biggest downfall is the MyMathLab that came with the book. If you didn't buy the book new, there is no guarantee that the MyMathLab code has been used. If you buy the book used, be prepared to spend another $100 for your MyMathLab section of the book.

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