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» » DROPS OF BLOOD: The Created Legend - Part One
DROPS OF BLOOD:  The Created Legend - Part One e-book


Samuel D. Cioran,Fyodor Sologub







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Ardis; First American Edition edition (1979)



DROPS OF BLOOD: The Created Legend - Part One e-book

by Samuel D. Cioran,Fyodor Sologub

Part 1. Drops of Blood. Part 2. Queen Ortruda. Part 3. Smoke and Ashes

Part 1. Smoke and Ashes. Ann Arbor: Ardis, 1979. Although his chosen ti- tle does contain more "verbal economy and mellifluence" than the one he rejects, the one which would have both satisfied Cioran's criteria as well as retained the writer's intention, is "A Legend in Creation.

When Samuel Cioran translated all three volumes in 1979, 'The Created Legend' was used as a general title for the entire trilogy, and the first volume was then titled 'Drops of Blood'. So, 'The Created Legend' might mean the old translation of volume one, or it might mean the whole trilogy in the newer translation. Be careful combining or not combining these.

217 pp. Vol. 2: Queen Ortruda. 247 pp. 3: Smoke And Ashes.

The Created Legend online. He injected with a small syringe several drops of the liquid under Dmitry Matov's skin. Matov gave a feeble cry and fell heavily to the floor

The Created Legend online. "I know how," said Poltinin confidently. The union also made no little effort to arouse the hooligan part of the population against the Jews and against the intelligentsia. The town was in a state of ferment. The Cossacks often paraded the streets. Matov gave a feeble cry and fell heavily to the floor. In a few moments the body lay before them, blue and apparently lifeless.

3 VOLUMES, Translated and with an introduction by Samuel D. Cioran. Ann-Arbor: Ardis, 1979: VOL. I: drops of blood. II: queen ortruda. III: smoke and ashes. THE PETTY DEMON, Translated and introduced by . Ann Arbor: Ardis, 1983. THE PETTY DEMON, Translated from the Russian and with an introduction by . London: Quartet Books, 1990. THE LITTLE DEMON, Translated by Ronald Wilks.

The trilogy The Created Legend (1907-13) is an ambitious attempt to lay out in narrative form .

The trilogy The Created Legend (1907-13) is an ambitious attempt to lay out in narrative form Sologub's highly integrated, quasi-mythological worldview: very controversial, it was not judged successful. Sologub also won recognition as a major Silver Age lyric poet, with verse notable for its economy and lyricism. Drops of blood Created legend ; pt. 1, Fyodor Sologub 1. bölüm/The Created Legend, Fyodor Sologub 1. cilt/The Created Legend: Fyodor Sologub, Fyodor Sologub 1. bölüm/Tvorimai{u0361}a legenda, Fyodor Sologub 1. bölüm/Tvorimai͡a legenda, Fyodor Sologub. Fedor Sologub, Fyodor Sologub.

The created legend by Fyodor Sologub( Book . Drops of blood by Fyodor Sologub( Book ).

No part of this publication may be reproduced or. transmitted in any form or by. .In the case of Sologub’s The Petty Demon I have attempted to abide as closely as possible by the content of the original. transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage an. Except in isolated circumstances I have directly translated what Sologub wrote without trying to interpret the content or to take undue license by striving above all for a musical or poetic effect in English.

The Created Legend portrays a stark contrast to the protagonists of Sologub’s earlier work The Little . This volume, originally titled Drops of Blood, is the first of the Created Legend trilogy and the only one translated contemporaneously into English.

The Created Legend portrays a stark contrast to the protagonists of Sologub’s earlier work The Little Demon, even though the setting is the same town of Skorodozh. It was received with some bewilderment by critics: the combination of current affairs and magical events proved too strange for many.

Phallozs Dwarfs
Having become a fan of Sologub after reading the Petty Demon, an incredibly orchestrated work, i had high expectations for my next reading of his work. The Created Legend was in no way a disappointment. Sologub has a way of creating such a rich mystical atmosphere, that it is hard not to believe everything which happens and become completely entranced by the story. if youre a fan of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky but want something more, Sologub's style is a little more in line with Bulgakov's and somewhat less traditional in comparison with other noted Russian literaries. worth the read.
This is a remarkable book, visionary and well written, covering a multitude of forces that ultimately destroyed the Imperial Russian regime. This General Books edition, however is a sorry affair. The story ends abruptly on page 142 in mid-sentence. And then? Blank pages. I had to find the missing text elsewhere.
A good read plus its free
Written in three parts between 1905 and 1913 by the Symbolist poet and author Fyodor Sologub, The Created Legend looks at the state of the world, and in particular at Russia during this significant period following the 1905 Revolution, with a very poetic viewpoint. Written in Symbolist style, the intention is not however to disguise or hide meaning and unpopular political viewpoints, but rather it is integral to the whole purpose of the novel, since it is the contention that it is perspective that makes the world what it is.

In contrast to The Little Demon then, where the world, since it is neither inherently good or evil, is rendered evil through the perspective imposed on it, The Created Legend seeks to provide a corrective and show that the world can be made better through a more positive outlook, and a sense of order can be created out of the chaos. It is impossible, particularly during this period of Russian history, to deny the sense of wrongness of thought and action where there is a sense of death all around - but it is necessary to accept these things, build upon them and move life forward and progress.

That outlook in the novel is taken up by the poet and chemist Trirodov who, even though he lives on an estate that was considered a place where the dead walk, has been converted into a near-Eden, populated by quiet children, playing and swimming, naked and browned by the Dragon of the sun. Such is the dreamlike innocence, freedom and education that is enjoyed in Trirodov's world, and such a contrast to the endless political discussions and arguments over land and the rights of the proletariat that go on in the Rameyev household, that it has Elisaveta and her sister Elena to throw off their clothes and take part in the wonder and the beauty. But the outside world is also in turmoil and there are agitators and groups who regard Trirodov and the activities that take place on his land with suspicion, insinuation and blackmail.

The Created Legend (Part 1 - Drops of Blood) is a curiously styled novel - not always coherent with all its references to obscure secret revolutionary circles and organisations, but haunting and entrancing in its fluid prose. It's part poetic Symbolism in its dreamlike reverie of an idyllic return to Eden, part harshly realist (factual and autobiographical) about the political turmoil and debate over ideologies on the distribution of land and its ownership, sometimes fantastical (Trirodov has an object made of a folded living man, and even raises the dead), and partly a traditional Russian novel romance where a young woman is torn between two ideals. It may perhaps be a little dated in this respect, but it manages nonetheless to capture a wider sense of what it means not only to be Russian, but to be human and open to so many sensations, influences and directions, where the inner choices one makes ultimately direct the reality of the world outside.

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