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» » Wind Walker: A Novel (Titus Bass)
Wind Walker: A Novel (Titus Bass) e-book


Terry C. Johnston






Genre Fiction

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Bantam Books; 1st edition (March 26, 2002)



Wind Walker: A Novel (Titus Bass) e-book

by Terry C. Johnston

Wind Walker, By Terry C. Johnston, was outstanding ! I read all the Titus Bass stories,all are very good You find yourself involved with this ma. is ups and downs

Wind Walker, By Terry C. is ups and downs. A study in history of man verses weather and others,including all the wild.

Wind Walker: A Novel (Titus Bass Book 9). Terry C. Johnston. One of frontier novelist Johnston's most popular characters has been Titus Bass, the protagonist of a trilogy that began with Carry the Wind (1982). Ride the Moon Down: A Novel (Titus Bass Book 7). It's 1810, and young Titus feels the age-old pressure to honor the family vocation-in his case, farming-but the prospect of life behind a mule makes the young man queasy.

Terry C. Johnston is recognized as a master of the American historical novel. I have read and reread these books of Terry Johnston many times as I have collected his books because I love the life that the mountain men lived. His grand adventures of the American West combine the grace and beauty of a natural storyteller with complete dedication to historical accuracy and authenticity. Johnston was born on the first day of 1947 on the plains of Kansas, and lived all his life in the American West. 5 people found this helpful.

Praise for the Novels of TERRY C. JOHNSTON WIND WALKER One of the most . JOHNSTON WIND WALKER One of the most evocative and powerful books in the series. One of the most evocative and powerful books in the series. What makes these novels so rich and fascinating is the genuine flavor of the period and the men who made it what it was. -Tulsa World.

Электронная книга "Wind Walker: A Novel", Terry C. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Wind. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Wind Walker: A Novel" для чтения в офлайн-режиме.

By Terry C. By Terry C. In Dance on the Wind, Buffalo Palace, and Crack in the Sky, Johnston set down the stirring adventures of Bass’s early life. Now the unforgettable epic concludes with the story of this legendary hero’s autumn years that was begun in Ride the Moon Down and Death Rattle. In this breathtaking climax, Bass, the hardy survivor of a world now gone, prepares to fight his magnificent final battle.

Wind Walker tb-9 (Titus Bass Terry C. Year Published: 2007. The free online library containing 450000+ books. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

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Items related to Wind Walker: A Novel (Titus Bass). Johnston Wind Walker: A Novel (Titus Bass). ISBN 13: 9780553581492. Wind Walker: A Novel (Titus Bass). ISBN 10: 055358149X ISBN 13: 9780553581492. Publisher: Bantam Books, 2002. Johnston (1 January 1947 – 25 March 2001) was an American Western fiction author who wrote 31 novels and had more than 10 million books in print. He was born in Arkansas City, Kansas. His parents were a junior college president and a teacher. He gained a BA from Central State University in Edmond, Oklahoma. As a young man, he traveled and worked various jobs, all the while becoming a student of the Old West.

Dance on the Wind book. I've read every one of Terry Johnston's books. from titus bass to Seamus donegan. I've read them all in paperback and now I'm nook and kindle

Dance on the Wind book. I've read them all in paperback and now I'm nook and kindle. too bad he passed at such a young age. RIP Terry Johnston. sorry I've read all of Terry Johnston's books from the titus bass series and the Seamus donegan series. I ejust wish that he hadn't passed at such young ag. IP Terry Johnston.

WIND WALKERThe wild and free world of the mountain man is quickly fading into the past. For Titus Bass, leading his family north to winter with the Crow people, the journey is a sad one. He must save an old friend from death and rescue his daughter Magpie from cutthroat traders. He will try to free a wagon train of innocents from its unscrupulous leader, and he will try to come to terms with his long-lost daughter Amanda, bound for a new home in a faraway land Bass himself will never see. But when he arrives in the land of the Crow, he finds old friends–and old ways–dying out. Determined to live out his final years in peace, Bass comes to realize that on the changing frontier, survival is never a certain thing. Soon he will face his greatest lesson and hardest challenge of all–one that might cost the last of the legendary mountain men his life.
I have been a lifetime reader but seldom read historical novels or books about the Old West. About six years ago for some reason I decided to read Dance on the Wind, book one in a series of nine following the life of Titus Bass beginning about 1815 in a farming valley in the Ohio Valley. I became immediately hooked by the authors wonderful accurate historical story following the rise and eventual decline of the beaver trappers way of life in the far Rocky Mountains. These book are adventure novels for sure but there is so much more that that in this saga of a man seeking a life of freedom in the far mountains. This is a story about a code of honor, friendship, love of family, a way of life that lasted but a short time. The author also questions the meaning of life and what lies beyond the mere mortal.

I just completed Wind Walker, the final book in the series and look back on what a wonderful journey it has been. I am sad to come to the end of the trail but happy knowing that one day I will go back and read the entire series again. These novels are that good. So like me, think outside the box and give yourself a treat in reading about the life and times of Titus Bass the mountain man!
IMO the Titus Bass series is the very best, most historically accurate, and completely engaging story of the mountain man era of the first half of the 19th century.
Wind Walker is a perfectly fitting and moving end to the wonderful story of the life of Titus Bass.
If you haven't read the others save this one until you do.
If you are a student of history and the development of American western frontier all 9 of these books are very good, informative and a great story of a young man as he grows older and wiser. Johnston, in my opinion is a master of early American western history and storytelling with facts. They must be read in the following order to get the full story:
1. Dance on the wind – 1794-1824
2. Buffalo palace – 1825
3. Crack in the sky
4. Carry the wind
5. Borderlords
6. One-eyed dream
7. Ride the moon down – 1830 -1833
8. Death rattle
9. Wind walkers - 1847 – 1853
Last book of the series and it was not a disappointment. Titus Bass went out just like he lived the last half of his life with love of family, friends and an old enemy who helped him pass over peacefully. If you have read the books leading up to this one, do not stop you have to read how it ends!
Wind Walker, By Terry C. Johnston, was outstanding ! I read all the Titus Bass stories ,all are very good ..Terry Johnston brings out this mountain man in style.. You find yourself involved with this man.his ups and downs . A study in history of man verses weather and others ,including all the wild .......A great series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great book. Tends to be a little over descriptive at times.
Thoroughly enjoyed reading all the books featuring Titus Bass. Thanks Terry C. Johnston for sharing his life. Hope you have met your loved ones and friends on top of the mountain.
Well written, captivating story. You will feel every arrow, every cut, and all the bone chilling cold.

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