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» » Winning Virgin Promises [Winning Virgin 4] (Siren Menage Amour 67)
Winning Virgin Promises [Winning Virgin 4] (Siren Menage Amour 67) e-book


Destiny Blaine







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Siren Publishing, Inc. (August 24, 2009)





Winning Virgin Promises [Winning Virgin 4] (Siren Menage Amour 67) e-book

by Destiny Blaine

Download Winning Virgin Promises (Siren Menage Amour 67).

Download Winning Virgin Promises (Siren Menage Amour 67).

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Winning Virgin Promises book. Gabriel Sabbat is the secondary mate for Constance Spenser. He knows the feel of her skin, the touch of her hand, the true experience of her body.

The Best Book in the Winning Virgin Series: Destiny Blaine Delivers once again with Winning Virgin Promises By Chasity Carter Rather than write sepa. Product Description Gabriel Sabbat is the secondary mate for Constance Spenser. He participated in his brother's mating ceremony, and he didn't walk away from the event unscathed.

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A siren publishing book. IMPRINT: Ménage Amour. The cowboy securing the reservation made his expectations clear. He booked her B&B for three months

A siren publishing book. He booked her B&B for three months. He wanted confidentiality, for whatever reason, and promised to pay double her rate upon check-in, pointing out he would pay for her silence as much as her hospitality. The locals, he reminded her, would talk if they discovered she was all alone with five young cowboys. What an assumptive fellow.

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Series: Menage Amour 67. File: EPUB, 557 KB.

Winning Virgin Love It's time for another vampire bride and three sexy-hot rogues are ready to give one beautiful vixen an erotic ceremony she'll never forget. Almonzo Spenser's lifemate is living under his roof. Not only is Tabitha pure hell in a short skirt but she also has some very dangerous secrets.

[Menage Amour 67: Paranormal/Vampire, Menage a Quatre Romance, F/M/M/M, sex toys, adultery] Gabriel Sabbat is the secondary mate for Constance Spenser. He knows the feel of her skin, the touch of her hand, the true experience of her body. He participated in his brother's mating ceremony, and he didn't walk away from the event unscathed. His heart is heavy and he is in love with a woman he may take as his own, but there will be sacrifices and consequences. Constance belongs to Sebastian, but she's never forgotten the time she spent with Gabriel. When Sebastian doesn't return home, news circulates and word travels fast. Sebastian is in trouble, and he may not return to Scotland. With time running out for Constance and the needs of a vampire mate quickly surfacing, Gabriel is called upon as a secondary and Constance isn't happy with the turn of events. In fact, she's out for more than a little blood to keep her alive. She's looking for answers and knows precisely how to get them and when Sebastian returns home, he finds quite a surprise. ** A Siren Erotic Romance
Destiny is a new Author to me and I'm so glad I was introduced to her work.
I was captured from the first page in this amazing story, it's very well written with great characters that you have a love hate relationship with. The story plot is awesome you have action, twist and turns and oh some very hot and raw sex scenes. And I have to say when you have more than one partner involved must Authors will make the character choose just one in fact this is only the second series I have read that has kept all the partners together and I love that.
It's seems everyone wants Constance damn I think after reading the book I want her to. I have to admit not liking her much at the start but she grows on you and she turns out to be one lucky women. Sebastian is Constance life mate but as the story unfolds a chain of events gives her the wrong brother. So the feelings she has for Gabriel (swoon) are very real as she feels she belongs to him, now throw in Darian who is a secondary mate to Constance sister in law and enjoy the ride because I certainly did.
Darian and Gabriel took Constance's father and held him captive and Sebastian is sent on a wild goose chase trying to find him. As Constance lies dying and Sebastian is nowhere to be found Gabriel sees this as his chance and goes all out to win her but's it's not till much later that he finally does. There is a lot going on in this story but you don't get lost in any of it and the decision Constance makes at the end is the only way she could go and like I said one lucky women.
There is also a secret that comes out at the end of the book that could lead to a war and I got a feeling Constance has a hard time ahead of her but I'm sure her mates will be there by her side.
I loved this book and can't wait for the next one..
Constance is not a woman to be silenced and not heard from. She is strong, independent, and willful. Her life mate Sebastian is away trying to find her father, and her second, Gabriel, is with her. She feels a powerful pull towards Gabriel, much moore of a pull than she should. After all, he isn't her life mate. He is her second she shouldn't want to bed him all the time, or drink his blood unless she needs it. Then there is the third Sabbat brother, Darian. Darian is sexy, and mysterious, with a darkness in him that calls to Constance. What happens when Sebastian comes home and finds out that when the cat was away all the mice have been making love?

Winning Virgin Promises is the fourth installment to the Winning Virgin series. I found this one to be the hottest, sexiest and most compelling of all the books in the series that Destiny Blaine has written thus far. I was unable to put this one down even for a second; after all if I did Constance might have done something I missed. I couldn't have that. Constance is a strong lady, but very confused, as she can't decide who has her heart. Or maybe she doesn't want to try to decide? If I had all the Sabbat brothers drooling over me I would be in her same shoes.

The one person in this story I feel sorry for is Sebastian, as he doesn't deserve what happens to him. This made me a little sad. I hope in the future Ms. Blaine makes it up to him. Winning Virgin Promises has many characters from previous Winning Virgin novels, but can be read alone and enjoyed. I would read them all in order, though, so you do not miss anything.
Rather than write separate reviews of Destiny Blaine's Winning Virgin titles, this one is posted for all four of the author's paranormal (or urban fantasy) books. Giving Destiny Blaine's Winning Virgin a little praise with unbiased opinions:

The first two books, and this seems to be the general consensus, aren't as good as the last two. Surprised by some of the reviews, it's astonishing how many higher rated paranormals there are when this series (while somewhat slow to start) is very well written and intriguing. I'm a fan and not a competitor (which is often the case with `professional reviews' in romance) so there's only straight talk here, but this isn't a review full of compliments either.

Destiny Blaine allows Almonzo (hero in Winning Virgin Love) to use formal language in Winning Virgin Love and to an extent, the dialogue is a turn- off but Almonzo stands out as unique (and written well as an unusual character) making Almonzo tolerable. The second book is relevant. Winning Virgin Love leads the reader into the next two books in the series, Winning Virgin Lust and Winning Virgin Promises. I'd venture to say those who love paranormals lose out if they don't read Winning Virgin Promises. The latest earns a superior rating over many of the books it's been compared to.

Three of the four books are beautiful love stories leaving room for question about the credibility of some of the so-called professional review sites which haven't rated Winning Virgin Lust and Winning Virgin Promises four or five-stars across the board. Winning Virgin Promises, in particular, is flawless, interesting, and a remarkable paranormal book for those who love vampires. Readers are hard pressed to find a sexier vampire than Destiny Blaine's Gabriel Sabat.

I learned about this author while standing in a bookstore a few months back (looking at JR Ward's paranormal titles). Asking another reader about e-books and authors she'd recommend, Destiny Blaine was the first mentioned. I started with her romantic suspense books but was charmed by her vampires. Please tell me there's a book five in this series?
New to Destiny Blaine's work, I was quite entranced by this book. I don't like to give spoilers in my reviews but I loved the characters and I loved their connections to each other. A sexy sizzling read! Absolutely loved it!

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