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Further Than Passion e-book


Cheryl Holt







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St. Martin's Paperbacks (March 1, 2005)



Further Than Passion e-book

by Cheryl Holt

Cheryl Holt is a lawyer, mom, and bestselling novelist who lives on the Oregon coast. Her varied employment history includes public school teacher, mediator, cook, bartender, lobbyist, musician, and political activist.

Cheryl Holt is a lawyer, mom, and bestselling novelist who lives on the Oregon coast. A graduate of the University of Wyoming College of Law, she worked as a law clerk for the Attorney General of Colorado and Wyoming. Later, she served as a deputy district attorney in metro-Denver. Further Than Passion is her thirteenth book.

Her brunette tresses were combed out and flowing free, her negligee clinging to her shapely form. She tugged at the bodice, lowering it so that more of her cleavage was exposed ther, like Kate, too, but differen. She tugged at the bodice, lowering it so that more of her cleavage was exposed ther, like Kate, too, but different from them. She was a woman in her own right. A woman desperately in love. Yes, Chris, I'm ready. He slipped inside, dressed solely in his robe, the belt loosely cinched at the waist, and as she watched him approach, she shimmered with joy that he was her husband.

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Further Than Passion - Cheryl Holt.

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Cheryl Holt will ravish her reading audience with this well written tale. Her clever plot will lure the reader on, as she seduces one to continue reading page after page. The thing that I like best about Cheryl Holt's writing is that she makes her characters come alive as their stories unfold. You get mad, glad, sad, and sexy as the devil while reading her glorious books that not only are well written erotic stories but they have substance and a good storyline concerning the characters' lives that make them human and realistic.

Cheryl Holt has done it again. I picked this book up on a Saturday afternoon and couldn't put it down until midnight when I finished reading it. This book takes you through every one of your emotions.

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Further than passion. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Inheritance and succession - Fiction. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Lotu Tii on February 16, 2012. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata). Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). Further Than Passion. Download (lit, 413 Kb). Epub FB2 PDF mobi txt RTF.

Kate Duncan agrees to help her young cousin land a husband though she draws the line when she learns the foolish girl wants to use an apothecary's love potion to snag the notorious Marcus Pelham! To prove the elixir a fake, Kate drinks it herself-and experiences the most erotic moment of her life when she stumbles upon Marcus in a most compromising position. Every nerve in Kate's body sings as she watches from the shadows, but is her response a result of the potion...or the man? Luckily, Marcus is far too busy to notice Kate's spying-or so she thinks... As the Earl of Stamford, Marcus has his choice of willing ladies to share his bed. Yet nothing has ever aroused him as much as the image of Kate watching him. Marcus tries to have a little fun with Kate by drinking the elixir-and then appearing to lose all control every time she's near. But the prank goes awry when Marcus finds himself wildly and truly attracted to the innocent Kate. As he teaches her the passionate art of seduction, will he lose his heart for the very first time?
I love Cheryl Holt books - the books about Michael and James Stevens were examples of excellent Holt combo of deep characters and erotic love scenes. This book had the steaminess - although some was bad scenes with Chris and Pamela and Melanie and Elliott - but some of the scenes with Kate and Marcus hit the mark for Holt. But the characters in the book - seriously were any of them worth caring about. Kate was so stiff and so uptite you just wanted to smack her. Her life was bad but not that bad to not show some warmth - it was a little hard to believe that she really cared for Marcus. And Marcus - Lady Pamela was the one he gave his only heart to?? Well since Pamela was a cold blooded shrew what does that say about Marcus he had to be more stupid than broken hearted. And Chris and Selena well I am ok with Chris using Pamela for his education - what I am having a problem with is that they were 16 and 18 years old - the most mature couple in the book are teenagers --was this meidevil times?? There just seemed to be questionable depth of characters written by Holt and that makes me a little sad because I do love and look forward to a Holt novel. Maybe I will pull one of her earlier works off the shelf and reread??!!
After reading other reviews of this book I was expecting it to be a good read. It's not. The characters were dreadful, the dialog was stilted and unbelievable, and the plot so thin as to be almost non-existent. As I read the first chapter, I knew this was a loser, but I read on until the end convinced that it had to get better. It didn't. Spend your money on a better book.
Just a brief review with my thoughts-

I recently bought a box of 10 CH books and I've been going through them. I've read her before and like her, but I've noticed AMAZING similarities between ALL her books. She literally has the characters put in the same situations and they say THE EXACT SAME THING. The characters are extremely similar (she likes the 'evil woman' character who is in a matriarchal position over the heroine, and the young spoiled, promiscuous brat as her sidekick).

But what gets me the most is the pattern card dialogue. I'm sitting here, imagining the template CH must use to write each of her books!! That's what I call lazy writing, and I'm incredibly disappointed by it. As a writer myself, I can tell you there are 100000 ways to tell even the same story. No excuses!!!

As for the heroine, she was weak and kinda boring. The hero was a major JERK and I hated him at the end when he believed her crazy stepmother over her about something. Also the whole love potion thing was really kind of stupid! Magic- YES, MAGIC actually took place in this book, in the form of their 'token belongings' appearing in e/other's rooms periodically. The guy who sold them the love potion ACTUALLY WORE A WIZARD HAT.

'Nuff said. Skip this one. I don't dislike this author by any means, but if she or her editor reads this, I have 2 things to say:


oh and glad to see someone else caught the 'mia cara' mistake. Geez, c'mon. did this book even HAVE an editor??
It takes a lot for me to think a book is really bad, much less write a negative review. When I'm reading, I always give the author the benefit of the doubt and usually can find something good in it. And I have read Cheryl Holt books that I have really enjoyed so I know she can do better. But when I start to think that the heroine would be better off sent to the country to live the life of a spinster rather than end up with the hero I know that something's wrong. Worse, at the conclusion of the story I am firmly convinced that the magic love potion was the only reason that the hero was `in love' with the girl. And I'm not so sure it's not the reason the girl thinks she loves the guy.

This is the story of Marcus Pelham, Lord Stamford, his stepmother/lover Lady Pamela, and their house guests Countess Regina Lewis, her son Christopher Lewis, daughter Melaine Lewis, their cousin Kate Duncan and her half sister Selena Bella. I mention all these names because we are told `everyone's' story from all their points of view. Obviously, the book is supposed to be Marcus and Kate's story, but after a while you're not sure just what or who the story is really about. There are so many stories going on that no one gets the attention they need to let the reader know them in anything but the most superficial way. Unfortunately, I think that might be a blessing.

The more one knows about the purported hero of the story the more one wishes he weren't. I have never met a more disagreeable man. He is cold, vindictive, vain, arrogant, and unfeeling, not to mention a little stupid. In other words, he has no redeeming qualities until the very end and it's not enough to make me like him. Even the second string hero, the young, innocent and praiseworthy male virgin who falls deeply and passionately in love with a young girl who loves him back ends up cheating on her right up until the end. And he was never a believable virgin to begin with. Kate, our heroine, is a beautiful, but downtrodden little doormat. Oh, she has occasional outbursts of spirit and independence-which are immediately beaten back by her bullying and abusive...(lover, guardian, cousin. Take your pick.) And doggone if she doesn't change her mind quick!

I really did want to like at least one person in this story. When cheating Christopher is the best I can do that's pretty bad. With the exception of 16 yr old Selena and Kate, the women are all nasty, vain, arrogant, self-centered, thieving, harlots.

As usual there is plenty of graphic sex and this is probably the books only selling point. If you don't mind formulaic and stilted writing and awful characters, but do want lots of detailed lovemaking then this book is for you. Otherwise...not.

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