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Thrilling Cities e-book


Ian Fleming







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Amereon Ltd (June 1, 1987)



Thrilling Cities e-book

by Ian Fleming

The James Bond Books.

The James Bond Books. Thrilling Cities is a reminder that the creator of 007 was in fact very much a man of his own time, and in particular perhaps of the 1960s, when his imaginative powers exactly suited the temper of the age. He was 55 when the book was published, in 1963, and exceptionally experienced

Written by Ian Fleming. Publisher - Vintage Classics. In 1959, Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, was commissioned by the Sunday Times to explore fourteen of the world’s most exotic cities.

Written by Ian Fleming. Fleming saw it all with a thriller writer’s eye. From Hong Kong to Honolulu, New York to Naples, he left the bright main streets for the back alleys, abandoning tourist sites in favour of underground haunts, and mingling with celebrities, gangsters and geishas.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Ian Fleming’s world travels, interests, as well as his journalism and wartime experiences, lent authority to everything he wrote.

Thrilling Cities is the title of a travelogue by the James Bond author and The Sunday Times journalist Ian Fleming. The book was first published in the UK in November 1963 by Jonathan Cape. The cities covered by Fleming were Hong Kong, Macau, Tokyo, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Geneva, Naples and Monte Carlo.

Thrilling Cities book. Ian Fleming visits the following cities: Hong Kong, Macao, Tokyo, Honolulu, Los Angeles & Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Geneva, Naples and Monte Carlo.

In 1959, Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, was commissioned by the Sunday Times to explore fourteen of the world’s most exotic cities.

Whether it is tracking down a wayward major who has taken a deadly secret with him to the Caribbean or identifying a top Russian agent secretly bidding for a Fabergé egg in a Sotheby’s auction room, Bond always closes the case-with extreme prejudice. Actions & Adventure, Thrillers & Crime. Listen, Bond," said Tiffany Case. It’d take more than Crabmeat Ravigotte to get me into bed with a man.

In Thrilling Cities, he takes us along on a journey of international intrigue worthy of James Bond.

In 1959, Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, was commissioned by the Sunday Times to explore fourteen of the world& most exotic cities. Fleming saw it all with a thriller writer& eye. Производитель: "Vintage". Серия: "Ex Libris"

Fleming saw it all with a thriller writer’s eye.

Fleming saw it all with a thriller writer’s eye. The result is a series of vivid snapshots of a mysterious, vanished world.

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This book is a in depth look at the world of the mid 20th century as seen by Ian Fleming, best known as the author of the James Bond novels. It is fascinating to see how much has changed and what remains the same.
The book is divided into two parts, a round-the-world journey by air and a road trip through Europe. Fleming avoids the usual tourist attractions, and instead visits the kind of places Bond would like. At the end of each chapter, he has an 'incidental intelligence' section, where he details the best hotels and restaurants in each city. Many of the places are still in business, although the section for Las Vegas is a list of bygone days.
If you enjoy the novels, you will enjoy this book.
What an amazing travelogue. It is so different from what is currently printed that it made me laugh. The amount of information dedicated to a gentleman finding and having a good time with a lady of the evening is quite amusing. The recommendations for rooms and food makes me want to go and see what remains of Ian Fleming's top picks 50 years later. Fascinating book and a must read for anyone that loves the Bond bokks and wants more Fleming.
Overall a very descriptive travel memoir by Mr. Ian Fleming. I did not care for the first half of the book. Here Fleming traveled the world in a matter of weeks. It seemed rushed and I felt you could tell Fleming did not enjoy his travel assignment. The second half featured Europe's thrilling cities which I found more enjoyable to read. Fleming takes the reader on a descriptive journey as he travels the European countryside. Within each city he finds a subject to expand upon whether it be banking in Switzerland or casino operations in Monte Carlo.
just one girl
Ian Fleming's 'The Diamond Smugglers' is a unique view into the world of diamond smugglers in the 1950s. I happen to love diamonds, so this non-fiction piece of journalism caught my eye. I also happen to be an Ian Fleming, James Bond fan. I loved stepping back into the mid-1950s and learning a bit of history about the diamond trade. Ian Fleming's writing style brings the story to life. I found it to be a fast-paced and interesting read. My only complaint, I would have liked to know more about this aspect of the diamond industry.
This book appears to have been out of print for a long time, but I had never heard of it until it became available as an e-book.

This is a collection of essays, basically a travelogue that were written for the Sunday Times around 1958. At that time they were censored to exclude some of the more racy descriptions of prostitution and the like. The edited parts have now been restored so you can now read them as Fleming intended.

What struck me the most was how Flemings' real life adventures detailed here are reflected in the James Bond books. The early movies with Sean Connery are also much influenced by the places Fleming had visited. If you have seen the movies or read the books you will find lot's of familiar scenes. Fleming obviously wrote quite a bit of what he saw into the James Bond books.

As this was written in a time gone by, many of the things are totally out of date. Despite that, I would describe most of it as 'quaint' rather than dated. Most of the cities are not like this today and it is refreshing to read what things were like a generation or two ago.

If you are nostalgic for the 60's, James Bond and travel to exotic cities then you will enjoy this.
A very interesting book and a look back into the past. Definitely recommend it. A good read.
Good book, but not as 'Thrilling' as Ian Flemings' other books, especially the James Bond series. I am curious if any of the specific places he mentions are still open and operating today.
my favorite

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