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» » Musashi, Book 1: The Way of the Samurai
Musashi, Book 1: The Way of the Samurai e-book


Eiji Yoshikawa







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Pocket (November 1, 1990)





Musashi, Book 1: The Way of the Samurai e-book

by Eiji Yoshikawa

probably the greatest book written on the samurai. In this way the novel is incredibly deep, without ever once being difficult to read. Book also teaches life lessons. Early in the book musashi was dissappointed that his friend was defeated by a thot.

probably the greatest book written on the samurai. it helps that he was a real person. not for the faint of heart, this book is over 1000 pages long. I've read it four times now and could easily read it again. One of Japan's greatest hero's, this story is about his life and beliefs. I'm going to make my kids read this book. It showed me how a good warrior can easily fall to a woman who throws himself at him. Nothing can prepare you for a thot attack.

Way of the Samurai is an excellent introduction to what I anticipate to be one of the great works of historical fiction (and an introduction to the historical Musashi himself).

Full recovery of all data can take up to 2 weeks! So we came to the decision at this time to double the download limits for all users until the problem is completely resolved. Thanks for your understanding! Progress: 8. 5% restored. Book I, the Way of the Samurai.

The classic samurai novel about the real exploits of the most famous swordsman. Miyamoto Musashi was the child of an era when Japan was emerging from decades of civil strife. Lured to the great Battle of Sekigahara in 1600 by the hope of becoming a samurai-without really knowing what it meant-he regains consciousness after the battle to find himself lying defeated, dazed and wounded among thousands of the dead and dying. Musashi is a novel in the best tradition of Japanese story telling. It is a living story, subtle and imaginative, teeming with memorable characters, many of them historical. I. Musashi: The Way of the Sword. by Eiji Yoshikawa · Charles S. Terry. Musashi: The Way of Life and Death.

New York: Pocket Books. ISBN 0-671-73483-0 (paper).

Eiji Yoshikawa 吉川 英治. Born. His other books also serve similar purposes and, although most of his novels are not original works, he created a huge amount of work and a renewed interest in the past. He is cited as one of the best historical novelists in Japan. 1989) Musashi Book I: The Way of the Samurai. New York: Pocket Books.

Translation of: Miyamoto Musashi. Part 3. Previously published as part of Musashi. New York : Harper & Row/Kodansha International, c1981. Miyamoto Musashi, the best swordsman in feudal Japan, faces a duel to the death with the swordsmen of the House of Yoshioka.

com, Dublin, Ireland. Miyamoto Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa. Weight Loss Motivation.

The classic samurai novel about the real exploits of the most famous swordsman He is supremely successful in his encounters, but in the Art of War he perceives the way of peaceful and prosperous governance and disciplines himself to be a real. He is supremely successful in his encounters, but in the Art of War he perceives the way of peaceful and prosperous governance and disciplines himself to be a real human being. He becomes a reluctant hero to a host of people whose lives he has touched and been touched by. And, inevitably, he has to pit his skill against the naked blade of his greatest rival.

Book by Yoshikawa, Eiji
This is one of the most memorable and gripping works of fiction that I have ever read. The book is a coming of age story about the birth of Japan's foremost samurai warrior 'Mushashi'. I find that this book teaches a lot about values (if indirectly). Musashi has to learn to control his own arrogance, and accept instruction from a number of mentors along his path.

It took me about 3 months to get through the first 30 pages of this book. There are a lot of long Japanese names which I found to be difficult to remember early on. After the learning curve, however, I found the book fantastic and finished the remaining 300 pages in just 2 nights!

The story is very clear and easy to follow and the characters are well developed. There is one monk character who adds a lot of humor to the book, and I'd recommend it just for that!

If you want a book that will make you think about your values, or if you are interested in samurai culture then I think this book would be a good fit for you.
good look at early Japan
all good
MB1 is a great start.I really enjoyed the first installment(book) of the series.I've already read the 2nd book as well and I am awaiting the 3rd in the series.I paid 4 dollars for it.It was in very good shape(rated acceptable)and showed up fairly quick. Overall great deal for a great Read!!!!
Read years ago and can't wait to read again
It was a good yarn. But I don't think I have to read the next 4 volumes to figure out how its going to progress.
I found this book truly enchanting as it transported me back
nearly 4 centuries to the romantisized times of feudal Japan.
You can almost say you've met the real historical figures of
Miyamoto Musashi, a shugyosha (samurai on a road of discovery)
learning how precious life is and what it means to offer it
up in the service of his lord, and Takuan Soho, one of the
most esteemed but happily eccentric Buddhist monks of the
time. Other historic figures are also abound in this epics
work. All this is carried out by Eiji Yoshikawa, who successfully
taps into the Japanese cultural psyche for convincing characters.

One word of warning, however, this book can be absorbing and
is the first part of a five part series. You may find yourself
hungering for more at the end but, I haven't seen Book II
The Art of War on Amazon's book list. The others, fortunately,
are here.
I first read this story about 12 or 13 years ago when I was entering my teens. Corgi originally released the first book in the series here in the UK at about that same time, and it took over a year for the series to be completed. However the story itself was written in 1935, first being printed in serialized form in one of Japans most famous newspapers, the Asahi Shimbun. The story is a very powerful one that keeps you within its grasp all the way throughout. As well as captivating your mind it captures your heart and your soon so entranced within the story itself that you actually feel that your there, experiencing it with Musashi. Along with a well devised plot that doesn't drift too far from the truth, there's an educational side that goes with it, that teaches you in great detail about feudal Japan, its people and its places and it does this without ever leaving the story. You will finish this book with a good knowledge and understanding of japans history and all without the need for history books. The characters are so well detailed, you can actually picture them very clearly in your head. Its a story that is so well written, so detailed and so enthralling that you actually forget that your living here in the present. Yoshikawa tells the story in such a powerfully romantic way that it might actually make you stop and think about yourself. All in all this book is a must buy. Out of the many books that I have read, this story is not only the best, but it's a story that I will hold in my heart for eternity. You may find yourself never ever wanting to lose this story but most of all, you will be so grateful that you found it.

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