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Doctor Dolittle's Caravan e-book


Hugh Lofting







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Delacorte Books for Young Readers; Centenary ed edition (December 1, 1988)





Doctor Dolittle's Caravan e-book

by Hugh Lofting

Doctor Dolittle's Caravan is a novel written by Hugh Lofting and published in 1926 by Frederick A. Stokes.

Doctor Dolittle's Caravan Hardcover – December 1, 1988. This is the book in Hugh Lofting's Doctor Doolittle series that was made into a movie with Rex Harrison as Doctor Doolittle in 1967.

Home Hugh Lofting The Story of Doctor Dolittle. Never before printed. told by hugh lofting illustrated by the author.

More by Hugh Lofting. Hugh Lofting - The Voyages Of Doctor Doolittle.

Doctor Dolittle's caravan. Books for People with Print Disabilities.

Doctor Dolittle's Caravan is a novel written by Hugh Lofting and published .

Doctor Dolittle's Caravan is a novel written by Hugh Lofting and published in 1926 . Doctor Dolittle's Caravan. Cover of the first ed. with Lofting illustration.

John Dolittle takes his circus to London, where with the help of the canary Pippinella he stages a bird opera.
I'm homeschooling my daughter, so I needed to find some classic books that she could work through this year. I wanted to find something that would challenge her, so I decided to buy this unabridged version of the Voyages of Dr. Doolittle, and I'm so glad I did! The book has a very clean, crisp binding, so I know that it will hold up well among my children over the years. The pages are well-printed, clean, no issues with typing. This is a very nice copy of this book.

In addition, since it had been several years, I decided to read through the book before handing it over to her. It was such a pleasure to remember how much FUN this story is to read! You follow the adventures of a young boy who sees the doctor's adventures through his own eyes, so it's perfect for a child to read. I know my daughter will love it!
“This is an awesome story. It’s cool that this doctor can talk to these animals. It’s amazing. I know that 5 stars is the maximum but actually I give it 102 stars. It’s really amazing and fun to read.”
Be advised that the free kindle electronic edition does *not* include the author's illustrations that appear in hardcopies. This disappointed me. Most other websites (this book is legitimately out of copyright) also skipped the illustrations in their downloafable files. However, they can be seen in some online reads. I finally found a downloadable version on Google search.

I note some reviewers complain that this is a politically correct edition. They may have updated the kindle file, because the version I got included Bumpo's insistence on receiving a white face. The n-word was not used, but I don't know if that was in the original, anyway. However, I find as an adult that the unedited edition is a valid and necessary shocking reminder of racial attitudes in the 1920s, and can be used to acquaint children with the history of discrimination that lingers (less overtly) today.
This is the book in Hugh Lofting's Doctor Doolittle series that was made into a movie with Rex Harrison as Doctor Doolittle in 1967.
Hugh Lofting's imagination allows us to talk with and learn from animals. Though a children's book and easy reading (maybe even aloud to your family?) the conversations and animal perspectives are intriguing and insightful. I've been reading the series with my teenage son and we have very much enjoyed the adventures and the many ways which the animals are extremely helpful to Doctor Doolittle and vice versa.
Returned. This edition - classic original 1920 edition - is a magazine-sized volume that's just page after page of text. No illustrations - not even page numbers. I wanted an edition reminiscent of my childhood copy from the late 1960s. I have ordered the Yearling Books, 1988 reprint of 1968 edition, which appears to be much closer to what I remember.
This edition is an adaptation of the original. Apparently the original has been deemed offensive. It probably was! But I wanted to make that decision, not have the decision made for me by censors. I do like the illustrations in this edition. Also note the publication information here is in error, it is based on the original edition, not the revised ecirion.
This is for children, of course. Lofting writes the most delightful stories and brings to life his wonderful little animal friends who have their own personalities. Dab-dab, the duck is the first one we meet, I think. I remember Cheapside, a cockney sparrow, too. The stories' chief character is a little boy who becomes friends with Dr. Dolittle and has many adventures, including on a ship to an uncharted island. If you have kids, 4-7 years old and you like to read to them. This is your ticket. There's a whole series, maybe 4 books in all. I had them all when my boys were growing up and I cherish those hours reading these stories to them. I bought this one for my step-grandson who was in third grade at the time.
I forget if i paid money for this "illustrated edition;" if I did, I got ripped off. The illustrations bear no relation to the text. They are simply copyright free images of old oil paintings. Look at the cover--the book is about a 1 9th century veterinarian.

If you are getting this ebook for free, you can enjoy it while ignoring the randomly paired illustrations. But don't pay extra for them!

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