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» » Bones of Empire (Ace Science Fiction)
Bones of Empire (Ace Science Fiction) e-book


William C. Dietz






Science Fiction

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Ace; Reprint edition (September 27, 2011)



Bones of Empire (Ace Science Fiction) e-book

by William C. Dietz

The Final Battle is a science fiction novel by William C. Dietz, first published by Ace Books in 1995.

The Final Battle is a science fiction novel by William C. This is the second book in 8 book legion series by Dietz, the ninth book is scheduled to be published in October 2011. When the Confederacy's Presidential entourage is captured by alien Ramanthians and imprisoned in a brutal slave labor camp, members of the group, led by diplomat Christine Vanderveen, risk everything to keep their identities a secret, while an unauthorized rescue mission, organized by General Bill Booly and led by Christine's ex-lover, Lieutenant Tonio Sanchez, races against time to free the captives.

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When it comes to military science fiction, William Dietz can run with the best. Steve Perry, author of the Matador series. Bones of Empire - William C. Dietz. Adrenaline-fueled, Clancy-esque adventure.

Bones of Empire book . Second in the duology that started with At Empire's Edge- from the national bestselling author. In a far-distant future, the Uman Empire has conquered and colonized worlds. I would recommend this book for those who enjoy a lot of science fiction that deals with character driven stories, political intrigue, and military action!. Aug 05, 2017 Steven Allen rated it liked it.

Title: Bones of Empire (Ace Science Fiction) Author(s): William C Dietz ISBN: 0-441-02088-7 .

Ace Books by William C. Where the ships die. Steelheart. Legion of the Damned Series. Legion of the damned. The berkley publishing group.

Authors: William C. Claim the "Bones of Empire. Under federal law, if you knowingly misrepresent that online material is infringing, you may be subject to criminal prosecution for perjury and civil penalties, including monetary damages, court costs, and attorneys’ fees.

William C. Dietz (born 1945) is an American science fiction writer, principally of military science fiction novels and video game novelizations. Dietz grew up in the Seattle area and served in both the Navy and in the Marine Corps as a corpsman

William C. Dietz grew up in the Seattle area and served in both the Navy and in the Marine Corps as a corpsman. He graduated from the University of Washington, and lived in Africa for half a year. He has used the expertise he developed during his time in the military to produce realistic military narratives in several series of books.

On the surface, the Uman Empire seems as glorious as ever, with its citizens reveling in their proud . Books related to Bones of Empire. America rising series. You are supporting writers and allowing Penguin Random House to continue to publish books for every reader. ACE is a registered trademark and the A colophon is a trademark of Penguin Random House LLC. LEGION OF THE DAMNED is a registered trademark of William C.

On holiday in the capital city, cop Jack Cato gets a glimpse of the Emperor-and realizes what he's looking at is a supposedly dead shape- shifter. The imposter is his mortal enemy, still alive and again on the run. Now, the fate of the Empire-and Cato's own honor-are at stake.
This reads like a mediocre TV crime drama - the kind they like to blow out into 2 hours when they barely have a story for 30 mins. Very thin plot with the bad guy killing indiscriminately because he wants to hook up with a past lover (Really? He's a shape-shifter who doesn't need to kill everyone he meets in order to find his equally bloodthirsty lover, so the author makes him a carnivore, giving him an excuse for the absurd kills.) The characters are one-dimensional clichés, for whom I didn't care one bit. The hero, Cato, has to deal with an incompetent boss (oh, that's original) and a ridiculous love interest - his slave - a woman he bought to save her from some "awful" past and who is totally bereft of any intelligence or depth. She acts like a mooning, love-sick adolescent - her greatest show of emotion is petty jealousy (and she wonders why he's ambivalent over their relationship. Hmmm). The cop's sidekick is the stereotype of tough female cop who kicks butt and wants to sleep with Cato (why? He's not that interesting) The whole thing is weak, the characters insipid, the story line cliche'd and the ending..who knows. I haven't gotten to it...and may not, it's that bad and not likely to get better. I would NOT recommend this.
The second and last of the Empire books. Jak Cato is an interesting character, and the story is good. But I didn't feel that it was his best work.
Good read, goes fast.
Typical Deitz quality.
I don't know why it took e so so long to find Diego's books but I am grateful for his talents. This is the 3rd book of his I have read in the past 3 days another solid read. I look forward to reading every book he has produced.
Deodorant for your language
If you are a Dietz fan you will no doubt like the novel. The ending (I call it a dual ending) was implausable and fairy-tale predictable for the final chapter. Hence, I knocked it a star. Still, 4 stars is a buy.
Great read. Typical Dietz fast action....
A very entertaining read.
This series seriously rocks, however the first installment was a bit more exciting then its sequel. Still a very good read if you like Dietz.

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