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» » Krondor: The Assassins (The Riftwar Legacy)
Krondor: The Assassins (The Riftwar Legacy) e-book


Raymond E. Feist







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Voyager; New edition (September 4, 2003)





Krondor: The Assassins (The Riftwar Legacy) e-book

by Raymond E. Feist

Book two of the Riftwar Legacy. Krondor: The Betrayal. Raymond E. Feist asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

The Riftwar Legacy is a series of fantasy novels by American writer Raymond E. Feist, part of The Riftwar Cycle.

BOOK TWO OF THE RIFTWAR LEGACY Continuing on from Feist’s bestselling Riftwar Saga comes a spellbinding adventure. Now in a brilliant new livery.

New York Times bestselling author Raymond E. Feist returns us now to a place of unparalleled wonders-a sprawling kingdom coveted by enemies on all sides; a bustling center of commerce and magic, vibrantly alive an. .

Feist Raymond E. (EN). The second instalment of The Riftwar Legacy, Assassins reveals Feist at his storytelling best.

RAYMOND E. FEIST The Riftwar Legacy. Krondor: The Betrayal Krondor: The Assassin’s Krondor: Tear of the Gods Jimmy and the Crawler.

The second instalment of The Riftwar Legacy, Assassins reveals Feist at his storytelling best. There is intrigue, humour and breakneck action aplenty here from the undisputed master of epic fantasy. Fresh back from the front, another foe defeated, Prince Arutha arrives to find all is not well in Krondor. A series of apparently random murders has brought an eerie quiet to the city. Where normally the streets are bustling with merchants and tricksters, good life and night life, now there seems to be a self-imposed curfew at sundown. Mutilated bodies have been turning up in the sewers, the Mockers, demense. The Thieves, Guild has been decimated - men, women, children, it matters not. The head of the Mockers is missing, presumed dead. Those few who survived the terrible attacks are lying low. Very low. The Crawler, it seems, is back in town. And he,s being helped by others, more ruthless than he. Can it be the Nighthawks again? The Prince enlists his loyal Squire James to find out. If anyone can unravel what,s happening in the bowels of Krondor, he can. He knows the sewers like the back of his hand. Afterall, as Jimmy the Hand, he grew up there. Meanwhile, the retinue of the Duke of Olasko has arrived suddenly at the palace, a week ahead of schedule but with no apologies and many demands. They say they are here to hunt. But to hunt what. Pug,s son William, on his first posting as a knight-lieutenant, must escort them into the wilds. It should have been a straightforward mission...
I've never played Return to Krondor, the video game this book is based on, but my god does this thing read like a role-playing game. It's got fetch quests, sidequests, and a ludicrous bit where the protagonist, along with one of his sidekicks, leaves his other two companions fighting a vampire lord to wander back up the road to ask someone how to kill the vampire. I hesitate to say it's worse than Krondor: The Betrayal (which is a book based on the game Betrayal at Krondor), because they both have huge flaws caused by the structure of the games, but I definitely consider both Tear of the Gods and The Betrayal to be Feist's worst books. Yes, even worse than his last few Midkemia books.
Trash Obsession
The action is fast paced. The bad part is that it's a mash up of two plots pushed into one book, but it is still a good read. The author is filling in parts of the backstory for his other works through this series and that's good. I always liked Jimmy the Hand as a character and this series is a good Jimmy the Hand series. It also gives a great deal of character to William, son of Pug who you just knew from reading the Serpent War saga had some great history.

To be honest, Feist could easily write more Jimmy the Hand books. There's a great deal there to work with.
Although I was first drawn into Feist's work through the Betrayal at Krondor video game in the mid-90s, I now recognize that the Riftwar Legacy is a very weak series by Feist's normal standards. If you were a fan of the game Return to Krondor or if you are just a Riftwar junkie, you might enjoy revisiting some familiar characters. Tear of the Gods is just plain awful. Unlike Krondor the Betrayal which was based on a great video game, Tear is an awful book based on a lackluster video game.

This is not representative of Raymond Feist's work. Do yourself a favor and read the Magician books, Silverthorn, and A Darkness at Sethanon before you start the Krondor Riftwar Legacy series. If you fall in love with Midkemia, then read every other book that Feist has written before stooping to this. Only the most devoted fans will appreciate it and even then it will be hard to tolerate the flaws. As a die-hard Feist fan, it's almost hard to believe that the same man wrote this book.
I gave this fluff a four - which it really doesn't deserve but...Jimmy and Arutha are my favorite characters in the Midkemia world...and Assassins is head and shoulders above Betrayal. And even though we are clearly set up for books 3, 4 etc., I'd rather have mediocre Feist than no Feist at all. Feist makes Assassins a stronger book by concentrating its limited plot line on Squire James and his Prince. Betrayal had a 'Whoo! Where did that come from.' quality that...well...betrayed the reader. Assassins is much more tightly plotted. I can see how this novel is structured after a video game: fighting in the Nighthawks underground fortress is clearly level x...but it doesn't wack you in the head with it. And, for the most part, I didn't feel I was reading something written for computer geeks who want a further game fix. So I guess I'll be waiting for book 3... Krondor, the Misdemeanor?
I'm a fan of Feist and I enjoy the universe he has built. The characters are well built and scenarios and well thought out and written.
One of my favorite authors. Another great book with an intriguing story. Love following the story of James and William.
the tear of the god series was not his best work. It is understandable considering the author tried to squeeze a storyline into a gaming program. It works and give useful background.
Krondor:Assassins is a continuation of the "Betrayal" storyline, in case you didn't know. Unfortunately for Feist's readers, this book really is pointless. No important new characters are introduced, nothing important happens... the book isn't one I'd reread. The mere fact that this is a prequel limits the book's development. If new characters are introduced, he would have to allude to them in the Serpentwar saga, which is kind of difficult, as they've already been written. Same with no important events. Another problem would be that if the new guys or events were alluded to in Serpentwar, nobody really knows who they are or what event Feist is talking about(i.e. the Crawler incident mentioned in the Serpentwar). Please stop writing about the same characters. I could probably write Pug's biography if I had to. Time for a new batch of heroes. Maybe write some more about Great Kesh (not a prequel to the Riftwar or something). I sincerely hope "Tear of the Gods" will be better... I'll finally know what Feist was talking about when he mentioned it back in Serpentwar. If "Tear" isn't any good, goodBYE. "Magician" and the other Riftwar books were absolute classics... but you're pushing your luck now.

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