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» » Princeps' Fury (Codex Alera, Book 5)
Princeps' Fury (Codex Alera, Book 5) e-book


Jim Butcher







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Princeps' Fury (Codex Alera, Book 5) e-book

by Jim Butcher

The Word of Jim. Books Codex Alera Princeps’ Fury (. Tavi of Calderon, now recognized as Princeps Gaius Octavian and heir to the crown, has achieved a fragile alliance with Alera’s oldest foes, the savage Canim.

The Word of Jim.From the New York Times bestselling author of Captain’s Fury and the Dresden Files novels. But when Tavi and his legions guide the Canim safely to their lands, his worst fears are realized. The dreaded Vord-the enemy of Aleran and Cane alike-have spent the last three years laying waste to the Canim homeland.

Codex Alera is an epic fantasy series, now completed at six books. It was first released in hardcover on October 5th, 2004.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking Princeps' Fury (Codex Alera, as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

From the New York Times bestselling author of Captain's Fury and. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Princeps' Fury (Codex Alera is a Fantasy novel by Jim Butcher. But from the south comes news: the dreaded Vord have come to Alera. For a thousand years, Alera and her furies have withstood every enemy and survived every foe. List Chapter or Page: 1. PROLOGUE. 2. Chapter 1~2. 3. Chapter 3~4. 4. Chapter 5~6. 5. Chapter 7~8.

No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form.

Book 5 of 6 in the Codex Alera Series. Ships from and sold by AP Books & Stuff.

Jim Butcher is a ten-year student of martial arts and works as a computer support technician. Библиографические данные. Princeps' Fury: The Codex Alera: Book Five Codex Alera. Jim lives in Missouri with his wife and son and a houseful of computers.

Part of Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher. That he had been placed there by the Princeps' mortal enemies back in Alera was not something that the Hunters could be expected to realize, but should one of the Princeps' personnel or, great furies forbid, Octavian himself realize that Valiar Marcus was only a cover identity for Fidelias ex Cursori, servant to the Aquitaines and traitor to the Crown, there would be.

Under Tavi of Calderon, heir to the crown, war-torn Alera rebuilds while politicians and nobles vie for power. But from the south comes news: the dreaded Vord have come to Alera. For a thousand years, Alera and her furies have withstood every enemy and survived every foe.From the Paperback edition.
Loved all of these books and don't want to give too much information. Although these books are fantasy they aren't for people who don't like reading about battles of war! The characters in the books possess a sort of alternative healing based energy that they harness for use as weapons (and for healing). I thought my sister might like the books based on that alone but the books were too violent for her. Have to admit, most of all the books feature a good percentage of war. Each one has a different pace but it seems the 2nd one is the fastest action. The story is different and I liked them all.
Whereas I will read all of these books because Mr. Butcher is, above all, an excellent story teller, I am stretched to my limits of belief in this book.
We have Wookies running Canea. I fully expected Chewbacca to come forward as their King. And now The Borg have landed in Alera and Canea. A horrifying alien species, yet there is no explanation where they came from or why they are there. There is no history for this world that is modeled after the Roman Empire. Are the Marat Norsemen? Are the Icemen Yetis? How did all these diverse beings come to live in the same place?
This gets more improbable with each page turned. I do hope this is all wrapped up in the (hopefully) last book.
I much prefer Harry Dresden. He, at least, explains his (our) world and why it is the way it is.
NB: The last paragraph of this book is worth all that goes before it.............
This is the fifth book in Butcher’s Codex Alera, where a nation of elementalists is struggling through war, infighting, and a difficult succession. In this installment, Tavi is across the sea helping his new allies deal with some problems of their own, while things actually go from bad to catastrophic back home. The First Lord fights a losing battle against the Vord, while others uncover some secrets about what started the whole problematic succession in the first place.

As much as I enjoyed the earlier books, this one rose to the challenge and raised the bar even further. Tavi, who grew up as a poor child without any command of the elements (aka the “furies”), has spent a lifetime learning to adapt. Instead of overpowering his enemies, he has had to outthink them. His talents shone here more than ever before as he faced down the implacable Vord. Even the First Lord Gaius Sextus – the most powerful man in the world -- found himself wishing for Tavi’s insight back home.

The ending, while resolving things for the moment, was also an excellent cliffhanger. It would seem that all the cards are now on the table. All the last-ditch heroics have been done. It’s all down to Tavi to rise to the occasion and... well... save the world is not exaggerating. I will be diving into First Lord’s Fury very soon.
Much to my chagrin as my productivity plummeted, I could not put this book down. Butcher finally masters his pacing (for this series) with this book. Each chapter lasts the right amount of time to keep you from being frustrated that not enough was told or that the story got interrupted and he limits the points of view such that when you come back around to that storyline again you're still interested in what's going on.

5 books in, we finally meet the Icemen, although we unfortunately don't learn very much about them (the way we have about the Canim or Marat). Lots of big deals in this book and at the very end it feels like Butcher skipped over a significant bit to keep the page count down while still reaching a stopping point. But it still feels like only a half a book as Alera is left in the worst situation its ever been in. I had to resist the urge to dive immediately into the second book, as I'd already spent a whole day reading. I will hold any further review until I read the First Lord's Fury, though, since to me it feels like they must really just be one book.
Silver Globol
I really love Jim Butcher's style of writing in this and his Dresden series. I'm a bit more partial to Codex Alera because I prefer third person writing to get the various characters view points in things. That being said, this book had a LOT of characters and by extension lots of view points. While Jim Butcher approaches things by using chapters to break up the different threads of a story (one chapter will focus on Tavi while another focuses on Isana, etc) having so many different threads in teh story was starting to get hard to follow. I agree with another reviewer who mentioned the multiple names. With so much going on it got a bit hard to follow.

I gave this 4 stars because despite the skipping between story lines Jim Butcher really does write extremely well. I really find it easy to lose myself in teh stories. He explores various kinds of relationships and even with so many characters he seems to be able to keep their stories straight far more accurately than most authors. If you're new to the series I strongly suggest you read the series from the first book to fully understand what is going on. Princeps' Fury may not be my favorite in teh Codex Alera but it was still extremely well written and definitely worth purchasing.
This series was my first experience with author Jim Butcher. I bought the first book "Furies of Calderon" from the "Codex Alera" series. I liked it pretty well so I bought the second in the series, then third.... you get the idea. I have read all 6 and I think each book got better than the one before. I rate them all 5 stars. These books have no graphic sex or foul language; something very rare these days. I bought the first book for my Kindle and then bought the audible versions after that. I gave the text version of the first book to my husband to read and now he has asked me to get him the rest of the series. He rates them like I do. So this is actually 2 5-star votes for this book and the whole series. WE highly recommend them all.

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