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On the Fringe e-book


Chris Crutcher,Ron Koertge,Graham Salisbury,Francess Lin Lantz,Angela Johnson,Jack Gantos,M. E. Kerr,Will Weaver,Alden R. Carter,Nancy Werlin






Growing Up & Facts of Life

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Dial; First Edition edition (April 1, 2001)





On the Fringe e-book

by Chris Crutcher,Ron Koertge,Graham Salisbury,Francess Lin Lantz,Angela Johnson,Jack Gantos,M. E. Kerr,Will Weaver,Alden R. Carter,Nancy Werlin

Nancy Werlin (Author), Francess Lin Lantz (Author), Angela Johnson . One of Crutcher's story is featured in the book.

Nancy Werlin (Author), Francess Lin Lantz (Author), Angela Johnson (Author), Jack Gantos (Author), M. E. Kerr (Author), Will Weaver (Author), Alden R. Carter (Author), Joan Bauer (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. From School Library Journal. His story is good and couple of the other stories are pretty good - but I only bought this so I could say I have read everything Crutcher has ever written.

Chris Crutcher, Ron Koertge, Graham Salisbury, Nancy Werlin, Francess Lin Lantz, Angela Johnson, Jack Gantos, M. Kerr, Will Weaver, Alden R. Carter, Joan Bauer, Donald R. Gallo (Compiler). Published by Dial (2001). ISBN 10: 0803726562 ISBN 13: 9780803726567.

by Donald R. Gallo · Ron Koertge · Graham Salisbury · Chris Crutcher · Nancy Werlin · Francess Lin Lantz · Angela Johnson · Jack Gantos · . Kerr · Will Weaver · Alden R. Carter. This powerful anthology explores the teen outsider experience in electrifyi. Jack on the Tracks: Four Seasons of Fifth Grade (Jack Henry, by Jack Gantos.

Joan Bauer Alden R. Carter Chris Crutcher Jack Gantos Angela Johnson M. Kerr Ron Koertge Francess Lantz Graham Salisbury Will Weaver Nancy Werlin.

by. Gallo, Donald R. Publication date.

Top. American Libraries Canadian Libraries Universal Library Community Texts Project Gutenberg Biodiversity Heritage Library Children's Library. by. High schools, Schools, High schools, Schools, Teenage misfits, Teenage nonconformists, Popularity, Peer pressure, High school students, Short stories, High schools, Schools.

Nancy Werlin (Goodreads Author). On the Fringe is a book directed at teens especially ones going through tough personal times. On the Fringe by Chris Crutcher is a ground breaking collection of short stories about high school. Using work from well known YA fiction novelists, On the Fringe tells the story of a tomboy struggling with her sexuality, a popular cheerleader who discovers that there is a lot more to her high school than just her and many more stories of growth and change. If you are struggling with yourself or others, this is a good book to read, as it shows examples of good that can come from bad times.

On the Fringe by Donald R. Gallo ISBN: 0803726562 Book Description: Offering insights . Gallo ISBN: 0803726562 Book Description: Offering insights into popularity and peer pressure, nonconformity and persecution, acceptance and hate, these riveting, provocative tales will leave readers thinking and start them talking. Stories by: Joan Bauer, Alden R. Carter, Chris Crutcher, Jack Gantos, Angela Johnson, M. Kerr, Ron Koertge, Francess Lantz, Graham Salisbury, Will Weaver, Nancy Werlin. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor ISBN: 0803774737 Book Description: This is an extraordinarily moving novel not easily forgotten.

Shortcut Nancy Werlin. Through a Window Angela Johnson. Muzak for Prozac Jack Gantos. Standing on the Roof Naked Francess Lantz. Satyagraha Alden R. Mrs. Noonan Graham Salisbury. A Letter from the Fringe Joan Bauer. Guns for Geeks Chris Crutcher. Looking for More Great Reads? Discover Book Picks from the CEO of Penguin Random House US. Close. Download Hi Res. Category: Teen & Young Adult Fiction Teen & Young Adult Social Issues.

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Kerr Mike mother Mousey Nancy Werlin never Nick night Nitt and Johnson Noonan novel okay Onondaga John pick Polly Prozac pull Ramdas Redmond Reilly Renee Rhonda Ron Koertge Rory screamed shortcut smile someone sorry stare started stood stop story suddenly Suzanne swan talk teenagers tell thing thought told took turned voice walk Waller watch Weird Suzy What's write Yeah Young Adult.

From a star football player standing up for a tormented student to a ruthless bully who tests the faith of a religious girl, a compelling and dramatic collection of stories embodies the teen "outsider" experience and features contributions from such authors as M. E. Kerr, Grahan Salisbury, and Angela Johnson.
I'm writing this because I'm aghast at some of the other reviews of "On the Fringe." It's a bad book because of its length? Not necessarily. Most of its stories are shorter than the average New Yorker fiction piece, and there's no need to read them all to enjoy the book. Short story collections don't have to be read straight through like a chapter book.
Another complaint: It shouldn't have examples of how kids humiliate other kids lest it give them ideas on how to be mean? Well, guess what? Kids don't need a book to teach them meanness. They pick it up from peers and TV quite nicely, and also from their families and society at large. Just look at the current news, whether international, national or local.
This book is a good start for a discussion about school violence, such as Columbine. The authors get inside the heads of their teenage protagonists nicely and for the most part, the dialogue and actions come across as authentic, not forced. A brief bio follows each story, explaining why the author chose the subject he or she did.
Standouts in my opinion were "Standing on the Roof Naked" by Francess Lantz, "A Letter from the Fringe" by Joan Bauer, and "Through a Window" by Angela Johnson. The last is unique to the book because it focuses on a character who might be classified as a bystander, not a victim or bully.
A wonderful collection of short stories about kids who are "outsiders" which can facilitate some great discussions both in the home and in the classroom. The stories are written by well-known YA authors and many readers, both old and young, will easily relate to the universal situation of those in the "in-group" versus those "on the fringe."
Great story
Perfect condition
great ant
print is tiny and the book is very small as well.
This is an xmas gift for my 14 year old niece. Haven't read it, but seems like a good book for her to realize she's not alone in some of her teen difficulties.
the book is great i had to read it for young adult literature and i enjoyed it. great book for intermediate and high school students
I used selections from this collection as read-alouds for my 8th grade language arts class (I end class most days with a read-aloud, while students keep a response journal). Because of the subject matter, these stories definitely engage the students and keep their attention. Do they all "get" the message? No, but I guarantee that when you look around the room and see the eyes of those two or three students who are themselves on the fringe, you will know it was worth it.

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