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» » Bugged: How Insects Changed History
Bugged: How Insects Changed History e-book


Robert Leighton,Sarah Albee







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Bloomsbury USA Childrens (April 15, 2014)





Bugged: How Insects Changed History e-book

by Robert Leighton,Sarah Albee

Bugged: How Insects Changed History.

Bugged: How Insects Changed History. by. Sarah Albee (Author).

Sarah Albee has done it again. As in her previous book, Poop Happened!, she ingeniously takes us on a romp through the centuries, this time in the company of insects. Fascinating and wonderfully written, my nine-year-old nephew and I loved reading how these tiny terrors shaped history (even if we were creeped out a few times, we were creeped out in an interesting way)!

Jun 05, 2016 Heidi rated it it was amazing. Sarah Albee provides a thorough exploration of insects, their activities, abilities, and atrocities, their interactions with humans, and the profound historical significance these interactions have had. This story is infested with intriguing facts and events which makes it the greatest type of nonfiction book: the kind that changes your outlook on the world and changes you, yourself.

Items related to Bugged: How Insects Changed History. Sarah Albee Bugged: How Insects Changed History. ISBN 13: 9780802734235. Bugged: How Insects Changed History. ROBERT LEIGHTON is the illustrator of Poop Happened! A History of the World from the Bottom Up and What's Going on Down There?, as well as a puzzle-writer and New Yorker cartoonist. He lives in New York City. The breadth of information Albee covers speaks to the way that tugging on a tiny thread of history can yield a vast, multifaceted narrative. Will appeal to middle school readers looking for all things gross, creepy, and surprisingly true.

Sarah Albee; Robert Leighton. Beneficial bugs have built empires. Bad bugs have toppled them. Bugged is not your everyday history book. This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out. Tell us if something is incorrect.

Earn free books for your school. There are ten quintillion insects in the world. They’ve been around as long as we have. How they help police solve murder mysteries. How they’ve tipped the balance of revolutions. Scholastic ShopEssential teaching resources and the latest children's books. Book ClubsThe best books at great prices. Find teaching resources. Classroom essentials. And from spreading diseases to winning wars, they’ve left their fly-specked mark at every turn. Feeling brave? Now you can find out: how bugs kill more soldiers than weapons do. We bet they’ll be totally bugged out. Product Details. Ill. Robert Leighton. Bloomsbury USA Childrens. This examination of insectsboth beneficial and destructive shows how these fascinating creatures have influenced human life throughout history. Colonel Theodore Roosevelt

Bugged: How Insects Changed History. Colonel Theodore Roosevelt.

Bugged: How Insects Changed History by Sarah Albee, A fun book for kids who want to learn about insects. Author Sarah Albee says she writes books for her inner. Bugged – How Insects Changed History. Chronicles the rivalry between the human and insect worlds that draws on myriad disciplines to explain the varying roles that bugs have played in building and toppling empires as well as the bug stories behind infamous disasters. Grown-ups might not "get it," but subjects like bugs and poop can make history lessons a little more palatable for middle schoolers.

There are about ten quintillion insects in the world-and some of them have affected human history in tremendous ways! For as long as humans have been on earth, we've co-existed with insects . . . for better or for worse. Once you begin to look at world history through fly-specked glasses, you begin to see the mark of these minute life forms at every turn. Beneficial bugs have built empires. Bad bugs have toppled them. Bugged is not your everyday history book. From the author and illustrator team behind kid-favorite Poop Happened! A History of the World from the Bottom Up, this combination of world history, social history, natural science, epidemiology, public health, conservation, and microbiology is told with fun and informative graphics and in an irreverent voice, making this one fun-to-read book.
This is perfect for 9 year olds who delight in grossing out either their mom or younger sisters - which is why I bought it. The layout of the book is busy with all kinds of sidebars and footnotes and warnings not to read this thing or that because it might be disturbing. Of course what 9 year old worth their shorts is going to resist that kind of thing? I was disappointed that the book was not in color. Everything is done is a purple text and all the illustrations are that same purple. That's just me though. The 9 year old is hoping I'll buy the companion book, "Pooped" next.
Interesting, funny, and deliciously gross, this book is a bug’s eye view of human history. I especially love the section titles like “Evil Weevil,” “Of Lice and Men,” and “Global Swarming.” What a great way to give kids a healthy dose of world history with some buggy facts on top. I can see this being a big hit with kids who like to be icked-out (i.e. boys).
My grandson loved the book- was right at his level to understand - and for me - didn't talk down. Interesting book - to find out how the bugs affected people made my skin feel like I had creepy crawlies on me, lol. All in all, a very good book.
Bought as a gift for my grandson, who loves all creatures big and small. He loves this book.
You'll want to pepper your lectures or group work with these gems. The information herein is especially good for multidisciplinary lessons that incorporate history, geography, etc.
My son & I love science! This was a great read for the both of us.
it was gift

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