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The God Hater e-book


Bill Myers






Literature & Fiction

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christianaudio Fiction; Unabridged edition (October 1, 2010)



The God Hater e-book

by Bill Myers

The Godfather is a crime novel by American author Mario Puzo. Originally published in 1969 by G. P. Putnam's Sons, the novel details the story of a fictional Mafia family in New York City (and Long Beach, New York), headed by Vito Corleone.

The Godfather is a crime novel by American author Mario Puzo. Puzo's dedication for The Godfather is "For Anthony Cleri". The epigraph for The Godfather is "Behind every great fortune there is a crime.

The Godfather book series is a series of crime novels about Italian-American Mafia families, most notably the fictional Corleone family, led by Don Vito Corleone and later his son Michael Corleone. The first novel, The Godfather, written by Mario Puzo, was released in 1969. It was adapted into three feature films, which became one of the most acclaimed franchises in film history.

The Godfather is a thrilling coming of the age story, of the family’s next, and also most unexpected Do. Mario Puzo, The Godfather. Accidents don’t happen to people who take accidents as a personal insult.

The Godfather is a thrilling coming of the age story, of the family’s next, and also most unexpected Don. Advertisements. The Godfather By Mario Puzo Book Download Online Plot. This story takes place in New York, where they are 5 major mafia families who run just about everything. The Corleone’s the most powerful at the time, and also the head family had control over many policeman and politicians.

The Godfather (1969) was an enormous success. The scanning, uploading, and distribution of this book via the Internet or via any other means without the permission of the publisher is illegal and punishable by law. He collaborated with director Francis Ford Coppola on the screenplays for all three Godfather movies and won Academy Awards for both The Godfather (1972) and The Godfather, Part II (1974). He also collaborated on the scripts for such films as Superman (1978), Superman II (1981), and The Cotton Club (1984).

They put him in the back seat, in the middle of the two men who had come up behind him in the street. Sollozzo sat up front at over his eyes so that he could . . Sollozzo sat up front at over his eyes so that he could not see. Don’t even move your pinkie, he said. It was a short ride, not more than twenty minutes, and when they got out of the car Hagen could not recognize the neighborhood because darkness had fallen. They led him into a basement apartment and made him sit on a straight-backed kitchen chair

The Godfather is a crime novel written by Mario Puzo, originally published in 1969 by G. Putnam's Sons

The Godfather is a crime novel written by Mario Puzo, originally published in 1969 by G. Putnam's Sons. It details the story of a fictitious Sicilian Mafia family based in New York City and headed by Don Vito Corleone, who became synonymous with the Italian Mafia. The novel covers the years 1945 to 1955, and also provides the back story of Vito Corleone from early childhood to adulthood.

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The Godfather By Mario Puzo 7. thought the Don himself was the lucky groom. The bill would surely pass Congress. A privilege all those rascals extended to each other. Standing at the door with him were two of his three sons. Don Corleone explained that this would cost money, the going price was now two thousand dollars.

Learn more about The Godfather with a detailed plot summary and plot diagram. The plot of The Godfather begins in New York City. The undertaker Amerigo Bonasera is infuriated when the two men who brutally beat up his daughter receive a suspended sentence

Learn more about The Godfather with a detailed plot summary and plot diagram. The undertaker Amerigo Bonasera is infuriated when the two men who brutally beat up his daughter receive a suspended sentence. To get justice, he must see Don Corleone. In Los Angeles, the movie star Johnny Fontaine is humiliated by his unfaithful wife and decides to see his godfather, Don Corleone, for help. In the New York area, a baker named Nazorine wants to prevent an Italian man from being deported back to Italy so that he can marry Nazorine's daughter. To accomplish this, Nazorine decides to see Don Corleone.

A cranky, atheistic philosophy professor loves to shred the faith of incoming freshmen. He is chosen by a group of scientists to create a philosophy for a computer-generated world exactly like ours. Much to his frustration every model he introduces—from Darwinism, to Existentialism, to Relativism, to Buddhism—fails. The only way to preserve the computer world is to introduce laws from outside their system through a Law Giver. Of course this goes against everything he's ever believed, and he hates it. But even that doesn't completely work because the citizens of that world become legalists and completely miss the spirit behind the Law. The only way to save them is to create a computer character like himself to personally live and explain it. He does. So now there are two of him—the one in our world and the one in the computer world. Unfortunately a rival has introduced a virus into the computer world. Things grow worse until our computer-world professor sees the only way to save his world is to personally absorb the virus and the penalty for breaking the Law. Of course, it's clear to all, including our real-world professor, that this act of selfless love has become a reenactment of the Gospel. It is the only possible choice to save their computer world and, as he finally understands, our own.
I think it is interesting that Bill uses fiction (as stated on the cover) to justify his beliefs. Each person is entitled to their beliefs as long as they do not cross the line and try to teach young children that faith is fact. That is the most immoral thing a human can do. Stick to facts if you are trying to justify your beliefs.
The God Hater has been one of the strangest book I have ever read. That said.....I liked it.

Video games are a common place, there are millions of people who play them daily. What if you could create an alternative community, a place where you could study human social interaction and know how people will act in certain situations. The characters in this program can think and feel like humans do. This would be huge in the area of consumerism. A program could tell you how people would react to a new product or study human interaction in certain situations. There is just one problem, how would these "free will" thinking characters exist in this online community. What "world view" would they chose to live by? How long would they last without help from their "creator"?

Dr. Nicholas Mackenzie is a cranky professor who loves to shred the faith of incoming students. He lives to debate anyone who believes in God. It does not matter if they are Muslim, Buddhist or Christian he hated religion period. He was selected by a group of scientists to create a philosophy for this computer generated alternative community. Much to the frustration of the scientists every model they chose--Darwinism, to Existentialism, to Buddhism--failed. The only way, Dr. Nicholas Mackenzie figured the community could be saved was introducing laws from outside their system through a "Law Giver."

Going against everything he ever taught, the professor realizes the only way to save the computer generated society was to create a character like himself and personally explain the rules that will help govern their society. So now there are two of him, one in real life and one in the generated community. Unfortunately there was a crooked scientist who released a virus into this virtual community and the professor realizes the only way to save their world was to sacrifice himself. Through this sacrifice he finally understands our own life here on earth.

Like I said at the beginning this is a strange book. But this would be a great book to give to non-Christians or a book to debate with an atheist. Myers does a great job in explaining exactly what God did for us and his sacrifice on the cross. The God Hater is a book that is one of kind, but it will grab your heart and leave you thinking about it long after the last page is turned. I highly recommend this book.
Haven't you always wondered what it would be like to play God? Author Bill Myers' exceptional "The God Hater" allows readers to ponder that most enthralling question. God's role in our lives is not as cut and dried as first appears.

Philosophy professor Nicholas McKenzie is not well-liked. His prickly personality, abhorence of technology, and uncanny ability to bambuzzle even the most educated of religious people, (Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike), puts him at odds with nearly everyone. He lives with his golden retriever, Ari, and his only friend, ironically, is Annie, a devout Christian and fellow professor of biology . Nicholas' life takes a most unexpected turn when his computer hacker brother, Travis, enlists his help with a computer program. A corporation has created a world very similar to our own. However, all the models that have been attempted, evolution, exostentialism, and so forth result in the same problem. The computer world inhabitants are dying. Nicholas, because of his knowledge of philosophy, cannot pass up the chance to help with the program. His decision will put to the test everything he professes to know as he comes closer and closer to the inevitable conclusion. When a rival corporation introduces a virus into the program, Nicholas must make a momentous decision.

This novel draws you in from the very beginning. The plot addresses some very heavy issues. However, the issues are handled in a comprehensive and very entertaining fashion. As we journey with Nicholas, we also grow to admire the computer characters, particularly Alpha 11, who struggles to adapt to every model that is introduced into the program. We, as readers, come to understand the divine dilemma of the Creator, and are reminded, with a jolting shock, of the love of a God who, although we reject Him,never rejects us.

One of the best features of this book is the fact that the characters are not cliched. Although Nicholas starts out as an atheist, the reader is not introduced to a stereotypical mean-spirited person. Quite the contrary. Nicholas is endearing, and the reader, though exasperated by him at times, grows to love him. The other characters are equally multi-layered.

Bill Myers reads the audio version of this book with vibrancy and passion. Usually, authors renditions of their works are very poor, but Myers is definitely an exception. Please give this wonderful book a chance. God bless you all.

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